Tuesday, March 15, 2011

how to celebrate a birthday in style

So, the big birthday date is looming. And it's approaching awfully quickly. And instead of wishing that the numbers weren't getting so jolly high, I'm getting proactive about it and making plans so when it arrives there's no last minute event, or even worse, nothing planned at all.

I'm not a party animal by any standards, but this birthday is probably one worth remembering. It's an '0' one. Yep. And there's no denial in the numbers at all.


But the problem is, what to do? It seems there is only one big birthday every ten or so years, but a million different ideas. It's like getting married. Should the wedding be at the beach, a church or in the garden? Black tie, formal or barefoot? So many options, only one (hopefully) big day.

So far, I've attended a few big birthday bashes, and as a result, here are some of the ideas floating around in my head:
  1. A whopping great big themed party, everyone invited (classy DJ included)
  2. Taking an overseas trip with my husband (sans children)
  3. A girls' weekend at a bed & breakfast
  4. A great big family brunch/lunch/dinner
  5. A mystery weekend with a few close friends
  6. Riding in a hot air balloon
  7. Jumping out of an airplane
See? Too many options, only one birthday (and a limited budget, I might like to add).

So, any wonderful ideas worth sharing? What did you do for your special birthday?


  1. Dear Kym. First of all, advance happy birthday to you. Second of all, the ideas are wonderful and worth pursuing including #6 and #7 ;-) Whatever plans you may have, you look really wonderful. Just goes to show how happy and blessed you are at this "big 0" stage in your life. xx

  2. I love that you are embracing your age...after all it's a gift to get another year older I believe...good on you!

  3. My last big birthday was 40. I had a huge 40th birthday bash. I LOVED turning 40. It was a real coming of age for me. So I had a red and black themed party and dressed as an 80s rock chick. Yep, went back to my youth. And I will never be anything but 40 in my mind (until I turn 50 and that's a whole new decade to embrace). As for suggestions on how to celebrate? Hmmm. Climb to the tallest hill you can find, look at the world going about its business below, and reflect on how fabulous your life is. No? Ok. Then do the hot air balloon thing. Or go splat at a beach resort with a cocktail in hand ... or .... or ... oh, I don't know. Just have fun!!!

  4. I am so glad you are grappling with this too ;-)
    David and I both turn 40 next year and I can’t decide between having a huge combined bash (definitely with classy DJ) or running away with or without the kids to a Bali beach. The party would be great with all the love in the room and dancing the night away... but so would relaxing on the beach! I can definitely say I won’t be hot air balloon or jumping out of a plane ... but you go girl.

  5. this is so pertinent - I'm thinking of my birthday too! Just 36 coming up, not a big 0 one. But still: I want it to be fun, but I can't settle on one idea. What I have usually done is filled my day with little treats from end to end and not committed to one big thing.

  6. Fun!! I like option 1 or 2.
    Happy to hear you are going to celebrate - make sure you get yourself a rockin outfit too, have your hair done, all the fun stuff so you look like one sexy chick (not that you don't normally but you know what I mean!!)
    YAY ... wish I could come to your party!

  7. I love that you're embracing your age. I have started freaking out that my birthday is in just under 3 months and that means that in just under 2 years, 3 months I will be 30. I like your approach MUCH better.
    As for your options... I looked at #1 and was like "Ohhh that" but then I read the rest of the list and did the same with each one, so I am really no help!

  8. hi, got effected by your big smile and writing this. you are full of life. got new meaning & point of view to see the world around me. thank you.

  9. I am sure that whatever you decide will be a blast...my big o birthday is next year and I too have no idea how to celebrate it :)

  10. I'm definitely a party girl - you know I make a huge deal of the kids parties! All options sound brilliant! Pity you can't do them all....maybe you could spread it out over the whole year ... who says it has to be on the day...

  11. OOOHH Kymmie now i am convinced we are related!!! I have my little running list of "Party ideas" as I too am celebrating an "0" birthday soon. I have to say, some of your ideas are on mine too. big bash? Dinner with some girlfriends? I even thought of a spa retreat at Daylesford with champagne and massage for all! Oh, the dilemma. Seeing as we have the OS holiday booked, i feel a little cheeky thinking i need to celebrate my birthday too - but the fact that we are heading overseas this year is just plain coincidence i say!!! Hmmm....decisions decision!!!
    ps - lovin that cowboy book cake! awesome xx

  12. I have #6 & 7 on my to do list for a long time. Still have to muster up enough courage though. And I'm saving them too for special occasions. Advance Happy Birthday to you & I hope you have a great one no matter how you to choose to celebrate it.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx