Saturday, March 19, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... the fifties

Our holidays have come to an end. And while I feel rested, I'm a little worried that I haven't
'achieved' enough during the past two weeks. Can you tell that it's hard for me to sit still? Nevertheless, I'm extremely grateful for:
  1. The 1950s. If it wasn't for those fabulous fifties, then Food Club wouldn't have been so much fun this week. Dressed in our full skirts and cardigans with flipped hair and red lipstick, we feasted on pumpkin pie, macaroni and cheese, fish casserole, fancy sandwiches, deviled eggs, carrot tartlets and a jelly mould salad (which tasted better than it looked). Oh, I forgot to mention the upside down pineapple cake and wonderfully light sponge, and potage celestine and baked cucumbers (what a revelation!) made from Julia Childs' very first cookbook. It was all so good. (Look out for tomorrow's Fabulous Fifties Fancy Pants.)
  2. Rest. Not feeling the pressure of work or a strict routine has been just lovely for the soul. Perhaps I'm liking it too much or my body feels it's not had enough rest, but I'm just wanting a little bit more.
  3. Consolidation. And more about my holidays... this week I've been feeling a little blue that our kitchen lino isn't up and the floors underneath haven't been polished, that we haven't sold the car, or finished the garden. But we have consolidated. That means we have actually finished those little jobs that we've been meaning to do for months. And back to that Type A personality I have? Well, hubby has it too. And yesterday he said, "Sure we haven't done everything we'd hoped for, but we've taken it easy and actually had a holiday." He couldn't be more right.
Happy Grateful Day.

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  1. I am grateful for the 50's too. I couldn't live without my full skirted dresses and twin sets!

  2. yey for new stalkers/friends of blogger! :)
    The balls in the water were at the fringe festival in the garden of unearthly delights!
    AND the chocolate shop on O'Connell st in north adelaide xx
    oh yes and I love the 50's too! :)

  3. What did you set out to achieve? I am concerned that you are not relaxed after two weeks holiday and wonder if you're ok.

  4. Your food club is just so awesome, Kymmie.

    You try to achieve stuff on holiday? Ah, doesn't that sorta defeat the purpose?!?! x

  5. Okay - that title hooked me in. 'What the' I asked myself!! lol :O) Next holiday I think you should try to sit still for a short while!!

  6. Oh i love it!!! 50's is a decade I would love to have been around for - all those feminine skirts and waisted dresses - heaven!! Sounds like a lovely spread of delicious food too - I can't wait to see your gorgeous 50's inspired outfit tomorrow

    Enjoy this sunshine-y week we are having xx

  7. Oh my, your food club sounds fantastic and dressing up for it too - LOVE it!! So cool

  8. I often joke that I should have been a 50's house wife :)
    I am considering starting a little food club with a few friends...thanks for the inspiration.

  9. A fifties dinner - how cool! I love the placemats - did you have a sound track? I do love your food club updates!

  10. I feel mellow, zen & rested just reading this. The 1950's got it right, i could slot right in there. My mummy was a 1955 bride & that is how she raised us. I came along 20 years after they married but soaked up all her vintage, thrifty, homemade ways. Not to mention marrying military & popping out 4 children - she made it look so great. Love Posie

  11. I have always thought I was born in the wrong era...the 50's look so lovely! The pic is just gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog I look forward to following yours!

  12. I love your 50's theme, you girls all just look gorgeous. As for the 50's guide.....well I'm sure it was great at the

  13. I love the fifties soooo much; the rock and roll, the make-up, the gentlemen, etiquette, seems these days all this is a bit lost and values have dropped. X

    Hope your well, i have had a break from my daily posts on my yellowbrick blog will be back to blogging from next weekend though. Been so busy! Alternatively i am a new travel blogger for, check it out xx <3


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