Friday, March 04, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... a little holiday action

The routine of work and madness seems far, far away as we revive at our annual break. So, heading to the Riviera Holiday Capital, we've been enjoying a change of scenery - although we've been reminded that a holiday with children is more like just moving locations, because there's still an early wake up call and entertainment to be had (which can feel a little like too much hard work sometimes). That aside, the words "Living the dream" as been said frequently in the past few days as we enjoy the location to both the lakes and the ocean, and the fact that we are only fielding a few work calls a day.

Also, I'm grateful for:
  1. Onboard affection. Noah, our one year old is still a bit tentative on the boat and it's about the only time that he stops long enough for a serious cuddle these days.
  2. Sleeping on the run. Those cuddles are long enough to hold him close and let him feel the motion on the water, and it results in one big long sleep. Hurrah!
  3. Water magnetism. There's something so therapeutic about spending days near the water, smelling the sea air and forgetting our troubles. Living the dream? Possibly!

Happy Grateful Day.

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  1. March is the perfect month to have a holiday in, anywhere...have a great time!

  2. great kymmie - enjoy yourselves

    i am loving the chubby, rosey cheeks on your little one there, what a gorgeous child you have!

    and there is something very powerful about being near water, it just makes everything feel different don't you think?

    Gill xo

  3. YAY for sleeping on the run - i have a 13 month old myself :-)

    have a wonderful family break

  4. These pictures are so precious.

  5. Oh very jealous! You have yourself a tremendous time! Looks so good :-) Love the pics.

  6. Kymmie, it looks like you had such a great time. Family holidays are so great. Love the pics of your little man - he is rather adorable!! Cazx

  7. O so great you're having a nice holiday! Yes, can't get away from the early wake up calls but it's all part of it isn't it?

  8. A change really is as good as a holiday isn't it - yeah the kids are still kids (early mornings, crying, poo etc) but at least the scenery is gorgeous...enjoy!!

  9. Super cute!

    Tell your hubby the white fishermans hat suits him! I can't believe he doesn't have it in black! Ha!

  10. Looks like wonderful break! Gorgeous photos too.
    Hope you are feeling refreshed & revived xxx

  11. Just reading this made me take a deep breath and exhalation.

    What a wonderful way to spend time together, these are the moments to treasure.

    xx Felicity

    PS Now I know why you were following me on the iPhone this week!

  12. Oooh you lucky duck! Glad you're having a happy break, Kym. I agree that holidays with children are... a bit samey! In the words of Claire from Modern Family "I'm a mother, it's not a holiday. It's a business trip." x

  13. You've got a captain in the making there!

  14. You had me at "Riviera's Capital" *swoon* Looks and sounds fab. Though as you rightfully point out, holidays with small children are far from restful ;)

  15. ooooh lovely! i do know what you mean about the "holiday" bit though! I once told a single man about a holiday with kids being like same sh**, different place and he was so shocked I think i put him off having kids!! You look like your enjoying your break so much!! Enjoy those cuddles and your boys look so cute in their life vests xx

  16. "Living the dream" as in Australia's favourite movie??? Is that a 'Castle' reference i recognise?

  17. How truely delightful...I so wish it was me :)
    Have a wonderful time!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx