Saturday, March 19, 2011

fancy pants

With the show Mad Men encouraging a fifties revival of sorts, my fellow foodies and I were abuzz with excitement. Our theme this month? The Fabulous Fifties. We all made food which was popular in this decade including salads in jelly moulds and layered fish casseroles, and the main event: Julia Childs' recipes like potage celestine and baked cucumbers. (According to our tastebuds and the movie Julie & Julia, they are a "revelation"!)

And to make it more fun we dressed up. Cardigans, flipped hairdos, pearls, headbands and flouncy skirts. We all admitted that we had spent quite a bit of time researching what food was eaten in the fifties. Me? I spent far too long looking at 50s outfits, and how they put it all together. The fashions were just fabulous!


We even had a little fun reading up on 1950s good wife etiquette, just to realise how much has changed in the past 55 years. For the better? Or not?


While most of us wore red lipstick, others wore headbands or pearls. I confess my favourite outfit was fellow foodie and friend, Rachael. She wore authentic 50s gear - her mother's. And even though Rach could hardly breathe while wearing it, I think her mother had fabulous taste. Maybe it was because she was the host looking all domesticated, or just that she pulled off the whole look the best. (You can see a picture of Rachael at Food Club night here.)

And just because I'm loving the sunset in this shot...

All I need now is to be a little gay, pop on an apron and I'm all set. Hang on a minute, I just need to go and freshen up... hubby will be home in a minute.
Is your wardrobe inspired by the fifties, or do you feel like you were just born in the wrong generation?

All you have to do is follow me, add your Fancy Pants post below and add a link back to me in your post. You can also include the lovely button (below)Then pop over to visit other bloggers who are dressing up this week. As for me, I can't wait to see what you've put together (and what excuse you had to dress up).

Kymmie wears: DRESS, Very Very! (purchased ten years ago - and it fits again, almost!). SHOES, Zu. NECKLACE (worn as bracelet), Equip ($3). LIPLINER, Avon Ultra Luxury in True Red. LIPSTICK, Avon Ultra Color Rich in Red 2000.

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  1. My husband liked the one where I have to take his shoes off, fluff his pillows and talk in a soothing voice haha. Geez times have changed. I found half of those unbelievable!!

    I really want to start joining in with Fancy Pants but am scared to do full body shots!!! Maybe I'll pluck up the courage when I lose a feeeeew more kg's. Plus there's not too much fancy about what I wear haha.

  2. Kym...that dress is so cute...I love the style!!

    I am attempting to make myself a dress this week inspired by your tie dyed blue number :)

  3. Take a bow - you look sensational and like a true 50's diva!!! LOVE the dress and the red lippy is deeeee-vine!

    Hubby and I had a good belly laugh with the "good wife guide" - oh roles were so well defined back then, that i could see how this could really work! I mean, it sounds so condescending and totally unequal, but homemaker was taken in pride by these lass's! My favourite comment is that "his topics of conversation are more important that your" - Ahhhahahaha!!! And the last comment is a little troubling hey? How about a good husband know's his place too!!! ha!

    Glad you had such a lovely 50's inspired dinner

  4. Love your look and that red lippie! Not sure I want to share that 'good wife guide' with my hubs, he might get ideas!!

  5. The dress is gorgeous. I always get the giggles when I read those 1950s housewife rules. Particularly the bit about the husband's conversation topics being more important than the wife's.

    I wonder how many women really obeyed those rules and how many paid lip service and were the classic iron fist in the velvet glove?

    Take care.

  6. When I first read this list I was appalled. But then I wondered how seriously this was taken back in 'the day'. I think it has some merit, but not to the point where you would accept your husband staying out all night, and then not questioning it! Thanks for your comments girls. It certainly was lots of fun. xx

  7. You are so adorable!! I look forward to seeing your Fancy Pants every week xx

  8. Oh how I would have failed as a 50s
    housewife!!!! What a fantastic night you must have had!! Your outfit looks stunning and you can carry a red lippie like no other! Gorgeous :) x

  9. I'm not sure quite what my hubby would make of the suggestion that his wife should "be a little gay and interesting for him" - he might just about have a heart attack laughing :-)
    But back to that gorgeous dress! You really are a clothes horse aren't you - is there any era you can't pull off??
    Stunning as always babe :-)

  10. This list is crazy. I wonder if they had a different one for women who work full time! It is so unforgiving - and really places women into complete robotic servitude..

    "remember his topics of conversation are more important than yours" (don't think ) "encourage the children to be quiet". (children seen and not heard)

    In other words, don't encourage him to be part of family life either. Put up a barrier between women and children and the husband.

    Even if I didn't work, Mr. Rugby cooks most of the time at our house, and it is partly how he unwinds....
    Personally glad that times have changed.

    Looking gorgeous as always dear!

  11. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog last week. So glad I came over today - I just love fifties clothes! I'm on the lookout for a great 50s style dress but not sure it would fit in with the school run! Yours looks great, as does the lippy.

    Good to meet another mum of boys.

  12. Gorgeous as ever! I love the idea of a theme inspired foodie club too x

  13. You look amazing hon ☼

  14. You are smokin!!! Loving the red lips too - HOT!

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  16. you look great and you write really well


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx