Saturday, March 26, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... our fabulous garden

Oh, how the weeks have flown! (So much so that I forgot to press the Publish Post button last night.) Doh! Life is full of hopping in and out of the car, squeezing in all the housework, so I can sit at my desk and work, work, work. While I love working from home, it's a tight schedule. But things I can be grateful for this week include...

  1. Swings. My four year old gets it. After weeks of "lean back legs straight out, lean forward tuck in your legs", he's finally on his way to a new step of independence. And look at that happy face! So worth it.
  2. Our fabulous garden. I've realised that I've not ever ever mentioned how grateful I am for our garden. We have vegetables, fruit trees, vines, a fabulous cubby with sandpit, and the most quaint little paths that any little person would think rivals The Secret Garden. Many a game has been played on those arched shaped paths, many a meal enjoyed from the food planted in our garden, and hours spent sitting on the garden chair in the middle opposite the persimmon tree (the centre of our garden). And in honour of those lovely bloggers who have requested more photos, below are a whole bunch of photographs of our very own private paradise.
  3. The gardener. Not only am I grateful for the garden's beauty and sustenance, but for my local gardener who plans and plants all that I enjoy. No, we don't pay a gardener. I married him.
The view from our back verandah

Irises around the lawn in front of the tomato plants

The compost bin with three sections

Rhubarb galore

The cubby and sandpit

Corn anyone?

Lemon, Orange and mandarin plants just in (behind is the passionfruit)

Cute paths

Happy Grateful Day.

Why not celebrate your gratefuls with the lovely Maxabella... actually her sister who is hosting it this week. She is just as divine... click here.


  1. You do have a gorgeous garden!! I love outdoor space for my kids keeps them grounded to be outside amongst nature (instead of inside arguing over which awful show to watch on tv!!)
    I love that pic too - your little man looks sooooooo happy....wheeeee
    have a great weekend Kymmie :-)

  2. I am a big admirer of your garden. Gorgeous and edible! My kids don't get the lean back, lean forward bit. I am going to copy your instructions word for word and see if that helps! Thanks for the link x

  3. I am so so so jealous of your garden. I have always wanted a perfect veggie patch like you have. You have every right to be grateful for this amazing space as it has taken lots and lots of hard work!

  4. I LOVE your garden. It looks perfect for pottering about in while the kids play in the sandpit - which is my idea of heaven on a sunny day. I have serious compost bin envy! I haven't got enough space for anything larger than a 'bin'.

  5. Your garden is absolutely PERFECT!! I can only dream of having something so fabulous.

    Isn't it just magic when kids learn to swing it.

  6. oh wow, what a garden Kymmie! absolutely beautiful. can I move into the cubby, i love it!
    kids getting the swing, another wonderful more, "mum, push meeee!"

    happy grateful weekend lovely lady ♥

  7. My jaw just literally dropped at the first pic of your garden. Wow. Your husband is amazing! What a wonderful playground for your son, and a bonus that it produces dinner too:)

  8. i am in awe of that cubby and is really lovely and I bet your boys just love to get lost in your gorgeous garden...

    and I was going to mention the happy face on your little one in the first image before I read your post...You can see how much fun he is sweet

    Gill xo

  9. Oh, the smile on Mr 4's face is just magical!
    And, so when can I move in? I LOVE your garden, I am drooling all over the computer.

  10. Your garden is completely gorgous. I just love every part of it. It looks like the perfect place to relax, read, play and soak up the sun.

  11. If I wake up tomorrow morning and have a view from the veranda similar to your view of the garden, I really would go down on my knees to thank God for such a wonderful blessing. You have an a-ma-zing garden. Amazing gardener, too.

  12. thankyou thankyou thankyou !!!

    so happy to see more pics of the your garden, i one day aspire to have one that sort of looks similar LoL if i ever get around to getting off my butt and starting to pull weeds!!


  13. Oh yes i love your garden just like all of blog - land - what a lovely place you have created there, and your hubby is one talented gardener!!! IT's beautiful, and rustic, and a little whimsy - I can imagine loads of fun in there and also the enjoyment of all that produce!!!

    have a lovely rest of your weekend xx

  14. Kymmie! This is my dream garden! Richie and I would love to have our own patch.


  15. Wonderful, thank you Kym for letting us into your backyard. I especially love the shape of your paths as the arch window. Plenty of ideas there! Georgie x


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