Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It's really important to get my children to try new stuff, even if it doesn't seem that adventurous to me. This week: Chinese.

Lemon chicken and noodles, in fact. But my boy has really decided he loves noodles from our very first 'try something new' outing. So I'm going with it.

And here we are at a food court. Classy? Oui.

Success rate? 100%. I even ordered another dish afterwards. Something different again, of course!

So, what did you try new this week? Was it the beginning of your 20 push ups every morning, or trying a new recipe? Whatever it is, I hope you join in the below linky and get inspired by trying something new every week.

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  1. My kids are huge fans of noodles. And me too:) We have a couple of places where we can get a noodle fix...but we eat quite a bit at home!:)

  2. For the first time last night I did San choy bau which is just chicken mince and noodles (with a bit of seasoning) in a lettuce cup. My kids had seconds!!! My kids usually pick at anything I make (and they are 14 and 11 not babies who you can excuse for being fussy eaters!) so I was so happy I tried this.

  3. We used to get the best Chinese meals in NZ...have not found anywhere here that appeals.

    Your lemon chicken looks pretty appetising though :)

  4. I'm trying to put one new meal on the menu each week. This is only our third week, but noodles is our new thing this week too!

  5. oh your boy sounds like mine ! quite happy with food that is predictable and familiar! Good on you for getting your son to try new food. I was happy tonight that my son grabbed some homemade salami we made six months ago and started eating it - without prompting! I think i should try your idea xx

  6. Oh yes, keep those palates alive, good on you!! My children will eat anything. So glad we stuck to the rule of making, i mean 'offering' them food they might have said no to, at least 10 times, when they were little. They even like spices, hotter than me, brave little bellies, love Posie


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