Tuesday, March 22, 2011

when you have the winning feeling

When you hear those words, "You've won!" it's a little unbelievable.

Firstly, there's the cynism. Yeah, right. What do I have to do to win this? Then there's the disbelief. You mean me? Surely not.

But then there are times when it happens for real.

Last week I won something for the first time in my life. Okay, it wasn't the lottery, but it was a DVD that I can enjoy with my family, thanks to Joni and Anya.

You see Joni has all these fantastic giveaways on her blog. I don't usually enter anything, but I figured to win it, you have to be in it. (I guess the same goes with the Lottery?). It was to win a Fantasia DVD for my kids. And well, I'd do anything for them. Plus I've never seen the Disney classic.

It was such a great DVD. At first I didn't know what the kids would think. But I didn't have to worry for long. As soon as it was over, the boys wanted to watch it again. How great is that? Classical music put to animation, and nothing more. Thanks Disney!

Thanks too, to Joni for your lovely giveaways (to visit Joni, click here). It just goes to show that there's a chance of winning if you actually enter!

Have you won anything? How did it make you feel?


  1. I love fantasia!
    we watched it again the other day.
    I'm slowly buying all the disney movies as they are released on blu-ray.

  2. Oh i wish my kids could sit through 10 minutes of a movie - hopeless they are, but this DVD sounds great!!! Congrats on winning....i've won some wonderful things in the blogging community! Like you said, you gotta be in it to win it!
    hmmm... i haven't had a giveaway for a while!!!

  3. Congrats on winning!

    I watched that movie years and years ago, but I actually thought it was a bit weird. Not my cup of tea.

  4. Congrats Kym, what a lovely family prize!!

    I have had too wins, a huge easter egg hamper when we just had the two boys and a food hamper randomly drawn at Xmas in the Park on year.

    My hubby on the spur of the moment one day brought a lotto ticket and was one number away from the BIG one....$1700 as opposed to 1 million.

  5. Wow what a fantastic price, congrats ☼

  6. oh that's such a day-brightener! I always enter blog giveaways in hopes of getting something :)

    I did win a necklace - wearing it this very moment. I was thrilled.
    (blogged here http://thriftathome.blogspot.com/2011/01/thank-you-note-to-jonathan.html)

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    Welcome back. Wonderful photos, wonderful story. So glad you could be there.

  8. Love Fantasia, although I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder!

    I did win a lovely Belle & Boo colouring book from the gorgeous blog High Maintenance Hippy. I felt so lucky. Oh and I won a billy cart in a raffle when I was in grade 5. I was the coolest kid in school for about 5 minutes!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx