Thursday, March 24, 2011


I love music. And the radio. Oh, the radio. Since I've been able to, I've listened to it from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. But when we decided to live in remote Australia, or even a developing country, there just aren't any options.

So, I starved of radio music for seven long years.

But now I have plenty to chose from now we live in urban Australia again. And when I first moved to Melbourne at the age of 23, Fox FM was what I listened to.

Just last week we celebrated a friend's 50th. Our close friends stayed long after the family had left, and we chatted as the music television station Max played in the background. That night there was an 80's special and on occasion we broke out in song mid-conversation. Our host and friend had her children singing along too (she has five kids aged between 5 and 17). She casually mentioned that it was good to teach the children young so they like your music when they're older. As part of the lesson she happened to mention that she listened to Gold FM.

Well, I confess I've not ever listened to Gold FM voluntarily. Because that's my dad's station of choice. But as hubby and I made our way to a day of fishing and fun last weekend, we switched stations to Gold FM and found ourselves listening (and enjoying) every. single. song. Even our 4 year old son piped in saying he liked a few tunes.

Who knew that switching channels would be so much fun?

Of late, I've even been listening to ABC National. Hmm, I think I'm showing my age...

What about you? Have you switched stations recently? Have you been pleasantly surprised by what you have heard? Are you comfortable with your current radio station? Or do you switch around whenever you feel like it?

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  1. I love GoldFM! But I never get to listen to the radio it's a mute point :-)
    Always the kiddos music/tv - but I do put my ipod on when I go at least there I get to choose the music!!

  2. I switch stations all the time! Mainly because some songs have lyrics I don't want my kids exposed to. I'm a bit old fashioned like that I guess. But isn't it great when you find a new station or one you haven't heard before with great music?

  3. I'm not much of a radio listener, but maybe I should try it?

  4. I grew up with the radio playing in the back was the first thing dad put on in the morning and the last thing that got switched off at night :)
    The only time I get to listen to the radio nowadays is when I am driving and I do find myself flicking between the stations

  5. I mix it up all the time. I mainly listen to Triple J, but all sorts of stations find there way in there. I think it's great to swap it out as often as you can. There is just too much good music and chatter to miss out on!! x

  6. PS - I HAVE FINALLY gotten around to adding your sweet self to my blog roll. I thought I did this a while ago and then I was wondering today why it never 'updates' and realised it never updates because it's not even on there... you know how it goes. x

  7. I used to be a Triple J girl but I am not a fan or R n B music and they play too much of it and I stopped listening.

    I am so fussy with my music tastes; I don’t like pop, or dance so I haven’t been able to find a radio station that I like.

  8. I am a bit of a loyal radio listener. I can't stand commercial radio (all those ads make me crazy) so I listen to JJJ (if I want music) and AM702 if I want chat. Boring? Probably, but it works for me :)

  9. PS: Could it be true that I am only now following you? How did that happen????


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