Saturday, August 31, 2013


Wasn't August amazing? Winter has gone, and spring is just plain showing off. Today is one of the most beautiful ways to begin a season, if ever I did see. Here's a little of what happened here in the days of August:

Noah and I enjoyed a few more lad dates this month. We visited Bella Claire and Darrawill Farm. I love these dates and especially this picture above. I can imagine Noah in years to come, finishing actual conversations instead of running around, and reading the newspaper with this intense serious look, sipping from a cup (without the chocolate around his lips, perhaps).

This month I pondered on what has been the greatest gift I've ever given myself (what's yours?), whether living in the city or the country is better (what's your choice?), and I've also looked at my home in a different way. I'd love to know what you think about these topics too!

We revealed more parts of our little beach cottage in Port Fairy. Starting with the kitchen, and then moving into the kids bedroom. We then revealed what was happening with the extension, and some of the little details. We also talked about what life is like living without a toilet, bathroom and laundry (and hot water)! Our time in Port Fairy is quickly coming to an end, but the work has been extremely rewarding. We will reveal two more rooms in September.
We discovered some more of the south-west coast, enjoyed Friday nights in front of the fireplace, and met with new friends, despite the freezing wintry conditions. There's certainly magic in the air, especially when the ocean is nearby.

Christening the beach cottage's brand new kitchen has been so much fun! The little lad helpers and I made the prettiest breakfast you ever did see, some of the best ever (and easiest) choc chip biscuits you'll make, some decadent apricot choc chip cake, good old Australian bandicoot ginger biscuits, and for the more savoury minded tandoori pizza complete with tomato chilli salsa and cucumber coriander salad - oh my! (Diet starts tomorrow.)

The 52 series has included photos that will be awesome for the lads' 21sts. Including this one with Cheeky smiles, these taken at Griffiths Island Lighthouse, and the ones at home when we dressed up for fun and practised skipping.

And the kids have said some funny things this month. Like this one about snot, and a more grown up take on bedtime lullabies. Who would have thought living in an igloo was cool?

And finally, there was some serious energy during the photographing of Fancy Pants.

Hello Spring. I'm so glad to meet your acquaintance! Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what we've been up to here in our little world.

What have you been up to this month? Are you glad to see the end of winter/summer (depending on where you are on earth)?

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