Friday, August 23, 2013


Three lad dates down, and we're really getting in the hang of this sitting down business. Noah is an active four year old. He doesn't sit down for long. And besides the benefit of hanging out with him, while trying out new places to eat or enjoy morning tea, my offside goal is to really engage with him long enough for him to just sit for ten to twenty minutes.

Today was a huge success. We chatted about baby teeth, and why it's rude to kick people while we are sitting at the table. I guess we are almost there. Half the fun was actually kicking me under the table!

There is a cult following for their sponge cake, but it's hard to judge a food, gift and wine merchant by their soy chai latte (which was a bit watery and tasteless). I know that their coffee would be better.  (If I drank the stuff.) But the sponge was so good, it rivals my food club friend Julie, who knows how to Make Serious Sponge.

This Lad Date lasted almost half an hour. After our morning tea of sponge and hotties, we were able to walk around (not run) and look at the gorgeous gourmet food and homewares. Noah showed real restraint today as we walked around with our hands behind our back (thanks for the awesome tip Alli!) We ended up purchasing some home made apple sauce and lemon curd as well as the cutest sugar holder and milk jug.

This is the first time that we've been to Darriwill Farm in Warrnambool. I would go there again for their friendly service, their gorgeous home made goodies, and desserts. (But perhaps not their soy chai latte.)

WE VISITED Darriwill Farm | 101a Liebig Street, Warrnambool | (03) 5561 4457.

NOAH WEARS LONG SLEEVED TEE, Milkshake by Myer. TEE, Target. BEANIE, La Loon (handmade using recycled materials).

Do you often find that the drink you love most is hardly made well? (Or is that just me?)

Thanks for popping in! For the whole Lad Date series, visit here.

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