Friday, August 09, 2013


It's a good thing that 4-year olds don't like to sit for long. Our little date this week was very quick.

It was in between laundromat visits when we stopped by Bella Claire for a hot chocolate. Actually, a buttery drink and a powerful chocolate flavour, with tones of berries, malt and vanilla. Noah settled for a baby version of the same. We also ordered two brightly coloured macaroons on the side. We chose Jam and Cream, and Pistachio Mint. I thought the macaroons were amazing, and at first Noah didn't seem to agree. He screwed up his face with the first mouthful, then just as quickly shoved the whole thing into his mouth.

Then he was reaching for mine.

On my first visit here, I was amazed by their Soy Spiced Chai, brewed the traditional pinjabi way. Oh, and did I mention that each hot drink comes out with a small handmade biscuit? So cute. And in the words of Noah as he clinked our macaroons together, "Cheers!"

WE VISITED Bella Claire Cafe | 28 Bank Street, Port Fairy Vic 3284 | (03) 5568 1610.

NOAH WEARS LONG SLEEVED TEE, Button Tots. TEE, Target. BEANIE, Hound Dog (hand-me-down from his big brother). HOODIE VEST, Milkshake by Myer.

Do you make time for special dates with your kids, or do you squeeze them between the washing? Thanks for sharing a virtual hot chocolate with us today!

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