Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's been two months since we were in our Melbourne home. And for a few days we are here.

Last night as I lay in bed (after a hot, hot shower in my very own home!) I looked at our beautiful high ceiling, its centre rose, detailed architraves, gorgeous paintwork, and homely furnishings. I love our home. It's not big, in fact, it is just three bedrooms and one bathroom (toilet included). But our home is over 100 years old - it's like owning a large piece of antique furniture. The ceilings are 12 feet high, giving us a feeling of more space. The floorboards make our home echo. And I like it.

When I woke up this morning, I didn't hear the ocean. Instead I heard the busy main road close by. I did't really like that.

Coming back home for a break is like a holiday in itself. This morning I missed my morning run and instead slept in. I chose clothes from a wardrobe I haven't looked at for two months (everything seems new and fresh). And instead of rushing to put on loads of washing like I normally do after being away, I've continued that relaxed, whole-new-experience-feeling. I meandered through our home, taking it in with fresh eyes. I rarely sit and enjoy our home, but this morning, I poured myself a hot dandelion tea, made a toasted bagel, and took in my surroundings.

The lads have remembered all the things they love about their home, too. Squealing in delight at rediscovering their toys, cuddling up in their patchwork quilts on the couch, they race around the rooms in exalted joy, complete with infectious giggles.

There are lots of projects unfinished in this home. Our kitchen, while newly renovated almost two years ago, still needs to be painted, and tiles back splashed. We need a new kitchen window, and blinds; a new door on our European laundry. Moving about in my kitchen, I confess to being a little lost, recalling slowly where everything is. Looking out our windows, everything is more bare than I remember. But it's the end of winter, and the oak trees in our backyard have lost all their leaves. Our garden is littered with the days of autumn, and our kitchen garden is nothing but rambling weeds. Old birthday cards are displayed on our piano, and the boys collection of artwork is but a memory.

We are home.

How do you feel about your home after time away?

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