Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Back before helicopter parents, and during the times when our mothers made us go outside, we roamed the streets unsupervised. We made our own fun. No iPods, computer games (unless a Commodore 64 was your thing), or endless text messages with your friends on your mobile.

Yes, those were the days. When I was a teenager, I use to visit a new development nearby our house. There were homes being built. Not one or two, but whole streets. An empty building site was heaven for a young thing. Never mind about cubby houses, when you could pretend that a real house was yours. Many hours were spent trespassing, er, playing here.

Now I've grown up, I still love exploring a building site. A neighbour's, even our own. The joy of the little details, walking from room to room, guessing the spaces, looking out through the windows (even if they're not windows yet...), and getting a feel for a place. It's a little bit of heaven for me.

That, and watching my husband dance on the trusses. In the sunshine, in the wind, in the rain. Gosh, he's so talented. Plus he has amazing balance. The hours he has put in our little cottage leaves me knowing this. He sure loves us. A lot.

Do you love building sites as much as me? Did you trespass a lot when you were young?

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