Sunday, August 04, 2013


July was such an great month! Some of my favourite bits included:

We moved back to Port Fairy from Melbourne to continue the renovation/extension of our little beach cottage. We revealed the finished fireplace, wished doors could talk, while our backyard is currently a mud pit. The next part of the cottage will be revealed each Wednesday in August too.

I've realised that time with Noah is going to be cut short soon, so I've started lad dates with my favourite four year old... I'm treasuring these times because Noah starts kinder at the beginning of next year. This month we visited The Pantry Door at Basalt, and will be visiting some more new places next month!

This month, there was plenty of Fancy Pants style including, jewelled tops, wrap dresses 70s style, and vintage striped denim. Things got less fancy when I shared how things look the other six days a week. (It's good to put things in perspective, right?)

Another four portraits of the lads were taken this month as part of the 52 series with Che and Fidel including some in fields of gold, out of the front of my new favourite wall, dancing in the lounge room, sneaky shots and my favourite three photos for the first six months.

I'm enjoying taking more and more photos with my new Canon 60D. The conditions have been amazing, and I've snapped away - even with my iPhone. I've talked about the learning process, and how much I'm looking forward to learning even more as I take more photos. I've also loved pondering on the birth of the new future king, his name, and our own naming process (and taking photos for that too).

I can't wait to see what August brings!

How was your July?

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