Sunday, May 09, 2010


at·mos·phere n. mood or tone: a prevailing emotional tone or attitude, especially one associated with a specific place or time.

Before I was married, I was a music freak. I sang in two bands, hung out with musicians, and talked about music all the time. I listened to all sorts of genres, and I loved discovering the the newest sound.

The moment I hopped out of bed, I would put on my favourite CD. I knew all the latest songs, and when in the car, the radio was always switched on.

Then I got married and moved to a place where we couldn't get any radio frequency. I didn't sing anymore, and I couldn't pop down to the music store for my music fix.

Pre-recorded music was replaced with live music. I guess because I loved music so much, I married a guitar genius.

Although I barely sing anymore, and hardly have time to play the piano, I now live where there is a plethora of CDs, iTunes, radio stations and music to choose from.

But I still choose my husband's live music.

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