Tuesday, May 04, 2010

day thirty | one set of twins is enough

Here are the boys at the Annual Twinnies Birthday Bash in Hobart, Tasmania.

Who are the twins, you ask.

Well, my Dad. And the lady on the left is his twin sister. Older by a few minutes.

Just so you know, since becoming a mother, I think my Grandmother is an legend.


Because she already had two children before she had twins. And then she had another afterwards.

I also have friends who have twins, and each of them deserve full-time paid help.

Just for their twins.

Because, they're just so busy.

And guess what I discovered not so long ago? The five factors that increase the odds of having twins - I have 3 of them. And contrary to popular belief, the incidence of twins doesn’t skip generations (my sister was a twin).

So, you can imagine my delight when at the beginning of each pregnancy it was made clear that I was having just one baby.

And you could see my husband put away the divorce papers when he heard this same information too.

Because each time, we did wonder...

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