Monday, May 24, 2010


patient (adj): enduring trying circumstances with even temper or characterised by such endurance.

Our weekend has been so busy that today my husband and I decided to watch the Latest Release DVD he rented last Saturday night.

It's been a mad day. I've been out most of the morning, have a birthday party disorder to clean up, new gifts to find homes for, and four days' worth of washing. There's the mad rush to get things back into order, which - realistically - could easily take a week to recover.

And although everyone knows there's not enough hours in the day to get everything done, here I am this afternoon (well into dinner time) madly cleaning and tidying, trying to find my dining room table so I can 'relax' tonight.

The kids aren't quite ready for bed, and the dishes need to be done. He tucks the kids in, and puts on the nappies.

And waits.

Madison has a sore throat. He makes a lemon and honey drink and puts Madison back to bed.

Then waits.

I have another load to put in the machine, while the dryer finishes the whites.

He waits.

Says nothing.

And waits.

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