Tuesday, May 25, 2010


adore: to regard with deep, often rapturous love.

To my beautiful Madison,

How I love you, how I adore you. You are my first born child, the one I thought I'd never have.

How your smile warms my eyes, and melts my heart. Your never ending happiness is a joy to behold.

I never tire of giving you a cuddle or hearing those words, "I love you" over and over. When you hold my hand I am so proud to be your mummy.

I watch your face when you talk and am mesmerised. Your chocolate brown eyes, just like daddy's, full of life and expression. You're so interested in life all around you, and you never miss a thing.

The questions you ask are getting harder and harder to answer, and they make me think too. Perhaps it's because the questions are good, or also perhaps I am seeing them through your young eyes?

Although I want you to be a child forever, I cannot wait to see the man who you will become. I pray that you will be a good person and care for those around you. May you want to understand more than your own culture, and truly understand the life of those less fortunate. May you choose to walk with God all your days, and may there be peace in your heart. May you never want another person's life or object, and be satisfied with what you have.

May our relationship go on throughout both of our days and be honest and truthful, filled with mutual respect. May God give me the wisdom to know when to step back, and when not to. May I be there to support you when you need me the most.

Love comes in so many shapes and forms, and I hope that the love I give is the love that you need.

"For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow."
- Rosemonde Gerard

Happy 4th Birthday Madison.


  1. Happy Birthday Madison!! You are growing into a big boy so quickly! One more year and it is off to school!

  2. What a perfect letter for an adorable boy. Happy birthday Madison. God blessed you with an awesome family...may your life always be thins good!


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