Tuesday, May 04, 2010


At the end of April, I felt a little sad that 30 Days of Being A Real Parent was ending.
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I've really, really enjoyed it. And in a good way, the month went a little slower while I was capturing my family. I stopped and made the most of the moments.
And I could have kept going. It would have gotten even more real. You see, we went to Hobart, and in the space of five days, my boys:
  1. BROKE A BOWL. Not any bowl. Just the one that my half-sister had when she was a baby, and she's an only child. (And I can't even begin to tell you how precious and sentimental it was, so let's stop there shall we?)
  2. BROKE A PHOTO FRAME. It was caused by a dog toy flying in the air by darling eldest child.
  3. SPILT A LARGE SOY CHAI LATTE. All over my auntie. In the city.
  4. DID THE BIGGEST POO. It was a number 3 variety. You know, all over the dining room floor.
  5. THREW UP IN MY DAD'S NEW RANGE ROVER. As we were cleaning it, I joked to my father, "You must be so glad we visited!" My Dad said not a word. Awkward. 
And perhaps, perhaps in a few years' time, we might laugh about it. No. Maybe just a teeny weeny smile through gritted teeth. But right now, I think I could cry (again).
Of course, it wasn't all bad. Between the oops and sorrys (and tears), there will be lots of good memories. The boys had a great time.
Now, where was I? Oh yes, back to this month... due to popular demand, I'm starting another month of photo somethings. May's challenge will be Things I Love.
I hope you enjoy it.

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