Monday, May 31, 2010


serve v. To work for. To be a servant to.

When I was 17, I started my first job. And around the sixth month in, I remember thinking my boss had the best job ever. She just ordered everyone around, and it appeared to me that she didn't have to do anything except get paid more for telling us what to do.

How naive I was. Of course, now I've been in the position of 'authority' a few times since, and I soon realised that the teeny tiny increase in pay is hardly deserving of the pressures and extra work.

You see, to be a manager, or someone in a position of leadership, they serve others. Not the other way around. They spend time with their staff, train, mentor, coach, problem-solve. They are the ones who hold the cards to everyone else' questions, requests, and ultimately work satisfaction.

That's serving.

As I go through life I realise that serving is such a major part of it. We serve God, those we love, our friends, our communities.

Here I am, serving all day, and all night. It's not just barking orders. It's taking the time to give the best answers, the best advice, the most thoughtful route. Then there's the training, mentoring, coaching, and problem-solving. How we treat our children is the way they see the world.

It takes it out of me at times and I honestly feel like I have nothing left to give. But then on other days, it gives me the energy I need to keep giving.

And serving.

I love it. I truly do.


  1. You are a much nicer person than I am Kymmie! I find the whole 'servant' thing so hard to stomach! I love my kids to pieces but I find it so hard to be at their beck and call 24/7. Lovely post :)

  2. You're so right about the serving. We're all doing it, in different ways, every day. And the perspective is so important. If only we could all look at it as you do, without resentment, it would be so much easier. Great post!

  3. Ah, but there's a fine between servant and slave!! But I do think 'serving' is part of the job description (in all it's many forms) Lovely post!! xxx

  4. It is a great thing to serve out of a heart of love, serving your family, your community etc because you want them to have the best and to be a part of their lives. There is nothing slave like about that, more like the joy of giving to a friend.

  5. I found this post really inspiring, Kymmie. I love your perspective. I love 'to serve' too... it gives me such a lot of pleasure that the pleasure we give others seems almost secondary. That's the secret, of course. It makes you feel good yourself!! x

  6. Beautifully said - but honestly, if I hear "Muuuum" (you know the one with more than 1 syllable) once more today, this servant is going to QUIT.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx