Saturday, October 23, 2010

boys fashion vs girls fashion

This morning while surrounded by gorgeous toddlers in their Saturday best, I took note of what each little lovely was wearing.

The girls danced around in stripey tights, flowing dresses, funky shorts, pretty shoes, puffy sleeves and stunning jackets. Their hair styles included lovely 'up' do's complete with butterfly clips, bows, ribbons, headbands and hats... I could go on and on. And on.

It was all so frilly, pretty, unusual, darling and funky.

The boys looked dashing in their little shirts, vests, pants and shoes.

It was business as usual.

As a parent, you'd have to walk around with your eyes shut not to notice
that when it comes to kids' clothing, there are far less options for boys than girls.

And as a mother of two boys, I find it difficult to buy clothes that are anything out of the ordinary. The uniqueness comes in the layering and choosing of how to put something together. With girls, the same goes, but there just seems to be so many more creative options out there.

I'm not sure why this is so. Is it because we see boys as the 'neutral base' while the girls are the ones who 'stand out'? Has it something to do with the fact that women who, in a majority of cases, care about fashion while men (mostly) seem indifferent? Do we see boys as being more traditionally conservative, or is that just our Australian culture speaking?

In the land of birds, it is the males that wear with pride the bright coloured feathers and look beautiful and breath-taking, while their female counterparts are plainer to the eye. Why are we the opposite?

One thing is for certain, with the slightly smaller variety of options for boys, my wallet is a sighing (ever so slightly) from the pain of what could have been had the chromosone at conception been different.

How about you? Do you think that there are more options for girls than boys? Is dressing a girl much more expensive than dressing a boy?

Noah wears: TSHIRT, Davric Australia (thanks Mum & Dad Piez!). SHORTS, Circo (thanks Kelly!). Madison wears: TSHIRT, Davric Australia (thanks Mum & Dad Piez!). SHORTS, Cotton On.


  1. Yes, girls clothes are more expensive than boys and we buy so many many more. But my parents are about to venture into a kids clothes store business and have been doing some research, it seems that the kids boutique stores can't keep up the demand for boys, that when a mum finds a store with decent boy clothes they buy up a stack while mums of girls buy a piece here and there constantly. So, yes, there is a lot less boys stuff available.

  2. It is just not as much fun buying boy's clothes!!! I have always found ample boys clothes but I am not that fussy, denim jeans and demin shorts and a few good tops, that just about does it for the boys! LOL!

  3. So true. Clairey I agree with you, when I find a good lot of boys stuff, I buy it all! You know you've got to get it straight away or you will miss out. I bet your parents love their little business. I would love to own a kids store.

  4. I think there are lots of choices for boys but just harder to find. My son is conservative and doesn't iike anything too loud except for the board shorts. Charmaine


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