Monday, October 04, 2010

if i had a girl...

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The other day I was reading this blog about collecting ideas when you start a creative project. Instead of bookmarking magazines for inspirational ideas, you pull them out and put them in organised folders or on a pinboard. And not only do you collect them, but you mark exactly what it is you love about the photo/s you have collected.

It may seem common sense, but since we've been planning our kitchen and extension, I've been faithfully collecting clips and pictures. But I haven't labelled what I liked about them. And as time has past they're not so special and I now cannot name what it is I liked in the first place. (And, well, it has been almost four years in the planning...)

And the same goes with fashion. When I like a look, I often cannot pin down exactly what I like about it. But since discovering this newfound piece of knowledge, I have made a conscious effort to name it. And now I know.

I love the corporate look. Neutral colours, plain textures. And I love offbeat stuff. Bright patterns all over the show. I know it's a bit extreme and diverse in tastes, but this would make perfect sense if you saw the pieces I pull together.

One other thing? If I had a girl, she wouldn't be terribly girlie-girl until she could decide for herself what she'd like to wear. (And from what I hear from friends with daughters, that happens very early on - much earlier than boys.)

What is it you love about a certain look? Can you define what it is? Is this the way you dress your children?


  1. I haven't dressed my son since he was two (now 8). He has chosen his colours and is conservative except for board shorts. if I bought anything that was too bright he wouldn't wear it so it was lots of neutrals or blues an pastels. it is interesting his self expression I suppose. I had images of being able to dress him like the magazine children but that hasn't happened. He is becoming what I want him to be an independent thinker. Charmaine

  2. Oh, I wish my four year old son would choose his own clothes! His only requests so far have included "something with a picture on it", "the same as Noah" and "tracky pants". Yep, that's it. I think I have creative input for a bit longer yet! That being said, I think your son has wonderful taste (and he won't be teased for those distasteful decisions later on when he's 30!). Go independent thinker!

  3. First; my grand daughter was girlie-girlie right from the very start. Pink and frilly was the way to go for her from about age 1.

    The other thing? I've been collecting articles and pictures for years. I have folders full of pictures of things I'd like to one day have in my dream home. Every picture has something written on it to say what is so special about it. Some pics have a gold star.

  4. Lucky Noah wasnt a girl or I may have let you have a heap of girly girl baby clothes!!! LOL!! Our taste may differ a bit here!


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