Sunday, October 10, 2010

be my guest: documenting a girlie girl's wardrobe

After years of cruising the boy isle of shops (I had 3 boys), you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered i was having a girl!

At that point, a whole new world was open to me: the world of pink, frills and flounces!  Yes, I am a girly girl and that is exactly the way I dress my daughter. I went into overdrive, purchasing pretty clothes well in advance of my daughters arrival.  There were many times that a flash of fear crossed my thoughts, that just maybe, the ultrasound was wrong and I may be making a costly mistake with my shopping sprees!  Thankfully, medical science was correct and I was albe to utilise all those purchases (to be honest some things never made it onto my daughter, there is a limit to how many things a baby can wear!)

As a mad keen scrapbooker, I also wanted to document her fashion debut in life, so I created a cute little mini album filled with pictures and the tags from her clothing.

Of course with all the sewing I was doing, once again I felt the urge to document it!  Antother little mini album was created to document the "hand made" journey of Kaitlyn's wardrobe.


This year I am already planning a few more little creations for my gorgeous little girl!  I love to create a custom skirt for her and then match it with a Target plain t-shirt that I decorate with applique utilising the skirt fabric, stamping (you can buy a special ink for fabric that is heat set with the iron and then is totally washable) as well as some iron-ons.  I know that she will be dressed in one of a kind creations that were made with love! Don't worry, the shops still have that magnetic allure, drawing me in towards the childrens clothing isle, tempting me to get the credit card out and do some damage!


Not only is this girl super creative with a sewing machine, if you're into scrapbooking, Janine's blog is not for the fainthearted. She's on the design teams for Prima, Aussie Scrap Source and co-founder of The Color Room. For more wonderful pictures of her work and her gorgeous kids (yes, she has five!), visit Janine at A Creative Life.


  1. I'm not at all creative so I guess I was lucky that my firstborn had several older girl cousins and got all their hand-me-downs, from newborn to about age four. I barely had to shop at all. I did sew a few things.

  2. Hand me downs are a winner. Watch this space for a whole blog entry about hand me downs and pre-loved clothing!


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