Saturday, October 30, 2010

hand-me-downs are cool. i know this to be true.

One thing I've noticed since looking closely at my boys' wardrobe during this month's Toddler Fashion theme, is that there are so many things that are pre-loved, handed down or on loan.

The cycle of love has gone round full circle.

You know how it goes: you have a baby. You are overwhelmed with gifts from family and friends - so much clothing that your little one won't ever be able to wear it all. The clothes are still brand new when your baby outgrows them or the seasons don't quite match. It's too much to keep. And so you pass it on to a friend who's due to have a baby soon. Sometimes it's a gift. Sometimes it's a loan (if you plan on having more children). Sometimes, it's both.

Not only have I given. I have also (or more exact, my children) have received.

Some of my firstborn's outfits have passed by three or four children before seeing my second boy's back. And that's value for money!

In fact, the reputation of pre-loved clothing is better than I remember it to be. It's trendy to go op-shopping, pre-loved clothing saves you a heap of dough, your wardrobe is full of lovely options, it opens your mind to possibilities you wouldn't normally dress your child in, and it's brand new - to you.

My son Madison can't wait to put on a shirt that was Ethan's or Joshua's, simply because he thinks that person is so cool. And the giver also gets a little buzz seeing his shirt on a smaller friend. Same goes for Madison's clothes on his little brother. "Oh Mummy, I use to wear that when I was a baby!" It's true, he did.

Thank you friends and family who have given the boys clothes or passed onto them something gorgeous that's on loan. I'm forever grateful.

And those gifts? They're being used (and used) too.

Noah wears: TSHIRT, VEST & SHORTS, Sprout (pre-loved by Madison, gift from Mum - thanks Mum!). SHOES, Birkenstock Australia (on sale, and pre-loved by Madison). Madison wears: TSHIRT, HOODIE VEST & SHORTS, Target (gift from brother Stephen & sister-in-law Lee - thanks guys!).

I promise they will also be passed onto someone else.


  1. Definitely a fan of preloved clothes here too...My Mr.1 gets to wear many of my 4yo's old clothes. It's also really nice as seeing my little one wear them reminds me of my 4yo at that's quite nostalgic :)

  2. And isn't it amazing how quickly the time goes? I thought that by the time my 1 year old fit into his 4 year old's clothing, it would be YEARS. It really doesn't feel that long. xx


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