Sunday, October 24, 2010



Looky looky here. Guess what I discovered this morning?

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I pack a lunchbox for my boys every day. They don't even go to school yet. I like boxes with compartments so I don't have to use plastic (and I buy in bulk too). The boys love to open up their lunch boxes and see what's in it. It's usually a little different each time.

Aren't these divine for school lunches? Far too cute not to share!

For more information, visit PlanetBox.


  1. Oh those are cool! And I suspect the metal will keep everything nice and cool?

    I already have lunchboxes for all my kids, so can't really justify buying these but thanks for sharing.

    I have a question though..... do you mean you pack a lunchbox for the boys even when you are spending a day at home? I have considered doing this for my kids, so they know they have a set amount of food for the day, and it also gets my food preparation done all at once (morning tea, lunch and arvo tea I mean). Is that what you do? If so, how do you get the boys not to eat everything at morning tea? That is the only thing holding me back from doing it with my kids, that they will eat everything at once LOL!

  2. They've got these cool bags that keep everything cool inside. They're so great! Yes, I pack lunches on days at home. It's still a surprise and if we decide to go out, I'm ready to go! Dannii, if you're anything like me, it's easy to pull out a lunchbox at "Feral Time"!

  3. Oh, and as for eating everything at once... major supervision!

  4. Love these. On the christmas wish list (one each for the kids and hoping santa brings one for me too). THey are great hey. Thought really expensive at first but then I added up all the cost of cheap plastic ones and replacing them all the time and then all the plastic etc. Far better option. Partic as kindy/schools moving more and more twds paper/glad wrap free etc. Let me know what you think and how you find them. My concern was about leaking liquids.

    PS I love the portion control idea and the little teeny section for a treat like a marshmellow or something

    Too cool ...please please Santa we have been good : )

  5. These are fantastic - I like the metal idea too...good for durability but also nicer than plastic!). Definitely one for the xmas wishlist!

  6. Brilliant! They even have a cool bag. I'm so getting one! x

  7. oh i love these :) they are pretty cute and separates everything which i like as well. I might think of getting this for myself and my husband when we go out on our little tours lol :)


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