Tuesday, February 08, 2011


How I love summer. Let me count thy ways:
  1. Making icy poles. Made from lemonade, orange juice or yoghurt. Whatever, is in the fridge. And it seems I've been refilling those babies every day or so.
  2. Crunchy big salads. Fresh from the garden. Nothing like eating a warm sweet tomato straight from the vine.
  3. Boys with no shirts on. Just like Dad.
  4. Baking muffins. Chocolate chip ones. Big ones and small.
  5. ANZAC biscuits. Because it was Australia day last week.
  6. Cold drinks with clinky ice. Because doesn't it sound so fabulous?
  7. Sitting out in the backyard. Watching the lads playing in their new cubby house. Playing shops. And making big mountains in their sandpit.
  8. Listening to the sound of summer. The birds squawking. The cicadas buzzing. The trees blowing in the warm breeze.
  9. Hubby singing and playing his guitar. Outside of course.
  10. Going out in the boat. Need I say more?
What do you love about summer?


  1. great list
    and gorgeous pic! i LOVE summer too.

  2. Beautiful pic and great list. I particularly like clinky ice.

  3. Yeah! And the the boat's a doozy...love your hubby's big plans for your boating future!

  4. I love ice in drinks!
    We are constantly refilling our ice maker as at least once a day I will fill a glass with it and chew on the ice.

    Your garden sounds wonderful.


  5. Need you say more? Nope. You have created a great list! Summer is awesome. I love the long days and balmy nights. More time to exercise. More time outside. Clothes drying on the washing line. Love it.

  6. Oh I love Summer too. Having a rather hot one though and my garden is suffering. Our twelve (count them) tomato bushes perished while we were holidaying on Rottnest Island for a week. No home grown tomatoes here :(

  7. BBQs, the beach, swimming pools, summer carnival, dinner outside, windows open, daylight saving, shorts, tank tops, thongs, waking up and the air is already warm...oh I could go on and on.

    Thanks for this post...I love summer - I'd just like a little bit more please :-)

  8. What a great list! Definitely with you on the clinky ice in the glass. We are freezing here in the UK - I'm wearing a hat as I type - so it's lovely to be thinking about Summer.

    Had a little look around your site - lovely. Love your porch (i dream of a porch like that) and your garden. What a gorgeous family.

  9. Love them all, except I like cold tomatoes :-) SUMMER IS THE BEST!!

  10. Oh you're killin me! It is BITTER cold here. I wish for summer! I'm envious!

  11. I heart summer too for many of the same reasons but I could do without this extreme heat :)

  12. love your list!!! home made icy poles are the best! although really we could do with few more Summery days don't you think???

  13. I think my longing for all things summer is that there hasn't been much of a summer here in Melbourne. But I hope and dream for warmer days and more clinking of ice.

    Vanessa, NOOO! I'm so sorry your tomatoes died. Not good at all! I guess you'll have to buy the second rate ones from the shop now. I'm sad for you. Perth, calm down on the summer please for my friend Vanessa!

  14. We're loving summer too. Picnics, bbqs for dinner, watching my 2yo practicing his summersaults on the lawn, apricots and blueberries from the farmers market... love it all.

  15. I loge summer for its being a summer! :-)))
    We are in the middle of winter now. And I think about climare emigration every single day! Again! Like every year :-))))

    Enjoy your summer!



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