Sunday, February 06, 2011

a modern fairytale about linky love

    Once upon a time, you young (okay, not really young) and fair maiden started a blog. She promptly forgot about it, then she started it again. But by the time she was ready to post, she couldn’t remember how to do it. In fact, she had no clue how she had done it in the first place.

    Time passed and as she became use to posting, her blogging host had updated their version. It was confusing, but the young maiden persisted. She even asked a friend how to add Site Meter on it so she could see some statistics for her blog. Although she needed help, she didn't mind asking other maidens how to do it.

    As she blogged more and more, she became more familiar with the technology. The maiden was falling in love with her new hobby and wanted to go the next level. She wanted people to get involved in her regular posts. Then she met the thing of her dreams.

    It was linky love at first sight. First the basic linky, then the thumbnail. It inspired her so much she started two weekly linkys (details here) as the linky love was free and given wholeheartedly.

    The first linky was a weekly fashion post called Fancy Pants, encouraging other bloggers to get all fancy pants and dress up. Of course, the thumbnail linky enabled others to join in too. The second linky was about a new year’s resolution – to try something new every week. The basic linky was used so then people could share what they had done during the week.

    These linkys continue. Except now that the love given for free now has a price. The fair maiden knew she had been taking the love without recipricating, and understood that love had a price she was willing to pay. (Even if it included cutting her long, long hair, living with extremely short people, in a dungeon or even sleeping for a hundred years.)

    In fact, the fair maiden didn't think she could live without her linkys and wants to encourages others to feel the linky love and ask how they would use a linky?


    1. I completely love your 'try something new' linky idea (although, sadly I didn't try anything new last week, boo hoo).
      But I'm always up for a new challenge :-)
      Not sure if I would ever do a linky of my own though...

    2. Oh, you have touched on my weak spot. I am yet to sit still long enough to figure out how to join in and link up. I have even taken photos this past weekend to join your linky - just need to find valuable time, with husband, to learn how to join in.
      Sooo, it will be a long time before I even figure out how to start my own...

    3. I'm about to start a link up, though, I won't be allowed to pay to use Linky Tools and since I don't yet know if it will be worth while...
      It's going to be a linky about ME time and it's starting Thursday and I am nervous - what if nobody joins in? so scary.
      I love your linky ideas too. I wish I could be stylish and join in or find the time to try something new!


    Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx