Friday, February 04, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... a week of firsts

It's been a week of firsts. Madison's first day at kinder, Noah's first swimming class (think: duck to water), I had just one child for a few blissful hours (while the other was at kinder), and it was my first week back at work. It's been a big one. But thanks to Maxabella Loves... I get to sit back, relax and reflect on the things I'm grateful for...
  1. Sea air and salt water. There's nothing more magical than going for swim, eating sandwiches, taking a ride on our boat, and going for a kneeboard. And even though it was just one day, it felt like a mini-holiday and we all came home tired, but feeling refreshed and happy. Oh, and a little sunburnt too.
  2. My girls. When I married my hubby, I had an instant family. Both Kelly and Leah flew in this week to spend time with us. And twelve years on, I still am blown away by these two gorgeous, unexpected and awesome blessings in my life. Oh, how I adore them. I even get teary thinking about it (in a happy and grateful way, of course). I'm proud to say I have the four most amazing children.
  3. Photographs and memories. With all these firsts, my head was spinning out a little about how quickly time has gone (can I just say that I give the bird in time's general direction?). This week I went through my photographs to remind me where the time has gone. And to remember how things were not that long ago.
Happy Grateful Day.


  1. Beautiful post Kymmie - and I agree with you about the beauty of salt water - I love how I feel tired yet refreshed after a swim in the sea.

    We'll be following your lead with first day of kinder for one, and first swimming lesson for the other next week. Another summer holiday over - where did those four and a half years go?

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Such a beautiful heartfelt post Kymmie. I spent the evening on the shore with a dear friend and feel all the better for it, there is nothing like the fresh sea air to blow ones worries away :)

    Enjoy your weekend

  3. It sounds like you had a special week!

  4. This post evokes such happiness Kym.
    Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful moments with us, I hope that you are able to capture many more as the weekend unfolds.

    Thank you also for your lovely emails, I have enjoyed each one and the thinking they have provoked.

    Felicity x

  5. Couldn't agree more about the salty water. There is nothing like it.
    I have just welcomed my kinder class for the year, such a wonderful thing to be a part of.
    Your family is indeed a blessing to you xxx

  6. What an amazing week xx Love how you spoke about your girls.

  7. beautiful post, you week sounds fab!

  8. Your love for Leah and Kelly is just so heartwarming, Kymmie. It's made me a bit teary.

    They are lucky girls indeed.

    Off to read your post about Madison's first day!!!!!! (Yay for us! We are Kinder Mums!) x

  9. You have a big heart. I love that you welcomed those two girls as your own. I read your post about Madison's first day at school and it echoed some of my own experiences this week. Just lovely. x

  10. After my {this moment} post last night I was showing my hubby the photosof Madison's first day too (awwww!). I hope he looks a little more confident now that he's over the initial uncertainty :-)

    Hope you're feeling better too (in general)??


  11. I know it was out of your control...but I think it's fantastic that after the two older girls you then got two little boys...I bet the girls loved that! Just think it must have fitted in with the circumstances really well.

  12. yay, yay, yay to all of those things Kym!! wow - Your speical bond with our girls sound amazing, it's like i can hear to speak the words i read on your post! It's also amazing how a little one on one time with your youngest can be so sacred - I did the same thing when my son started Kinder and I really look forward t o devoting that time with my daughter when it's just us - so so special xx

    have a blissful rest of your week lovely girl xx

  13. I envy you the salt water! I love the ocean so much!!! Unfortunately I live in the middle of my country, 360 km fro,m the cold seaside.
    But when I was travelling around Western Australia I was so happy! Getting up in the morning, some jogging on the beach, some swim, bbq fish... That's was something! I hope during few years I will be able to work in every part of the world :-) And I will have a small cottage by the ocean. Yes, this Saturday I am grateful for of my virtual friends from The Oz for giving me the energy for fullfilling my dreams :-)))
    Once again: all the best for your lovely familly, from the bottom of my heart! :-)))

  14. Oh you have a way with words :-)

  15. Glad to hear you got over that crucial stage without much drama. I enjoy looking at photos too. Makes a difficult day less difficult when you reminisce of the good ol' days :) Have a great week Kymmie!

  16. You are indeed blessed to have four amazing children.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx