Friday, February 11, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... home-made lemonade

We're into the swing of things at a day in the life of us. Hello routine, we're back. And it's so nice. (Can you tell I love routine?) While kinder is really tiring out my nearly five year old, my almost two year old is getting some one-on-one time and loving this newly found attention.

The week has come to an end and thanks to the insightful Maxabella Loves... I can reflect and remember to be thankful for:
  1. Bright beads from Morocco. Right now I'm wearing a bright and colourful collection of gorgeous beads from my step-daughter Kelly. They're so pretty, and they go with everything. Even my little lads want to wear them.
  2. Home-made lemonade. We had lemons, castor sugar and an eager pre-schooler. If Play School can make it, so can we. And we did. And that's what we drank all day on Thursday. With clinky ice (my favourite).
  3. Charming little towns. There's nothing like going for a drive to spend a few hours admiring a place full of Australian history, toying with the idea of purchasing an affordable old ruin for a wild business idea (which might actually work), perusing its lolly store, locally made ice-cream and delightful homeware stores. I bought some adorable things (see picture above) and finished the afternoon off with the most amazing ginger ice cream. The end to a perfect day.
What are you thankful for?


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  1. There's a brilliant idea for the next hot day my fours' would love it and me too.

    I love quaint little towns and old lolly shops - too few and far between now. I hope your plans come to fruition (?)

  2. Homemade lemonade... my daughter would love to be at your house for that lol... its her fave drink

  3. Oh where did you go? I love Beaufort - have always wanted to live there (for no particular reason...just sooo pretty!!)
    have a great weekend

  4. Homemade lemonade is amazing...something I love but rarely make.
    What's the wild business idea??

  5. I'm one for a drive through a small town and a stop at a tea room for a cuppa. It's quite nice to get out of the city every now and then!

  6. Gorgeous pic ! I love small towns too. We have a few quite close so I feel very lucky.

  7. I keep thinking we should pile the offspring in the car and head down south to visit some country towns. You may have just tipped the balance in favour of us doing that. ;)

  8. I love routine too. There's something very calming about the sense of order that comes with a routine.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad I make you laugh!


  9. Such lovely things to be grateful for this week. Too cute your boys want to wear your beads.

  10. i love your list Kym! I have a similar post too!!! i do love lemonade and cant say that i've ever made it myself - hmmm should give it a go! I'm also intrigued about your day where could that little town be....

    have a lovely weekend......b xx

  11. I have just realised I have never had homemade lemonade. Sounds like I am missing out. Lovely post. I too am a sucker for perusing country towns and dreaming of a tree-change. Have a great weekend. x

  12. I love a country drive. Nothing nicer. Erm, without the kids! Mine are DREADFUL passengers!! x

  13. Kymmie, your blog is addicting. I love the Fancy pants stuff. I wish I had the cajones to tuck in my top--maybe if I lose 10 more pounds...

    Your "lads" are the cutest ever. Love love love their hair.

  14. Haven't been to a drive lately but is planning one before summer ends. The place you went to sounds interesting?

  15. There's nothing like losing oneself in little old towns :)

    Am intrigued by your wild business idea.

  16. I have grateful envy. This all sounds lovely, especially the lemonade. Sadly our lemon tree is still a baby and is yet to fruit.
    Enjoy your kinder routine, we are beginning to love ours.

  17. Giving thanks is the greatest gift one can have. Thanks for this lovely post to remind us to be grateful for those things that a hectic life sometimes force us to forget :) X


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx