Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thanks to my four year old boy, I'm now a Kinder Mum. And since three weeks ago, it meant before I knew it, I had entered a whole new world of attending family picnics, school functions, kinder duty, attending incursions and excursions, and so much more.

This week, I think I've finally infiltrated the new world that is My Child's Education. On Sunday, at the Old Fashioned Family Picnic, it was nerve-wrecking as I didn't know a soul, hubby was away for work, and after smiling at everyone and introducing myself for what seemed like forever (okay, perhaps really only half an hour) I wondered if I would actually strike up an actual conversation with anyone. And then relief - another mum arrived on her own. Boy, was she relieved to see someone exactly like me. Of course, we all had a fabulous time after the bonding three legged race and a great game of tug-of-war. Plus, kids have a way of breaking the ice for everyone.

And today, after kinder duty, I learnt so much about my child (and about four year olds in general), I thought it was worth sharing:
  1. Pictures speak a thousand words (plus pictures are so much more practical if you can't read).
  2. Twenty children can actually be quiet if all you do is point to your ear.
  3. Four year olds don't need much to entertain themselves in four hours.
  4. Plus, it doesn't need to be high maintenance: story time, inside play, outside play, eating and singing. All broken up into half hour intervals. Perfect.
  5. You can make anything out of a piece of ribbon and a cereal box.
  6. If you give an outline of what's going to happen up front, it can save much heartbreak.
  7. Children get along so much better when their parents aren't around. Their manners even come back from holidays.
  8. A one year old can have as much fun as the four year olds - for half the amount of time.
  9. I'm gobsmacked that my child isn't comatose after his kinder session.
  10. I realised that I probably should have done my early learning teaching degree.
Because, today I had the best time.

And how about you? Have you entered this whole new world of kindergartens and schools? Or have you begun another whole new chapter in your life? How about something more simple, like a new recipe? I sure look forward to hearing about what you tried/learnt this week. Don't forget to link up below with your blog post and visit other 'tryers'. Why not share the love?

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  1. yes yes yes! I'm a first-time kinder mum too! I haven't done kinder duty yet, but we did go to the parent information session and family barbecue this evening.

    I'm excited to have joined this whole new world - our kinder is part of a school, so it's like a little world within a bigger world. And it's funny, but I felt a little bit like a four year old again, seeing all those new faces and not really knowing where to go or what to do, but feeling excited at what the year holds.

    Enjoy your kinder adventure - I have a feeling we will!

  2. Creche was actually what inspired me to go back to uni and study to be a teacher. I was sat at my desk one day (I was an advertising manager for a skiing magazine) and I just had a horrible phone call with a horrible man and I thought 'that's it, I really hate this job'. I thought about how much I would have liked to have stayed at creche with my bub and just played with the kids all day, and that initial thought evolved into PS teaching. I sent off my application the same day :-)

  3. I get to be part of a new kinder group every year! It's such a rewarding job.
    Glas you are enjoying your first experience of it xxx

  4. A whole new world but such a beautiful one to be a part of...I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all of my children when they were in kindergarten, which I think is slightly different in NZ.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

  5. Enjoy! I am on my second year of kinder (Abbey did 3 year old kinder last year) and we are both loving it. It is so much fun! Kinder is the main reason I am dragging my feet to move to HK, it is so important. Not to mention a whole house to pack up, all by myself.
    Enjoy your year kinder mummy!

  6. My son is at a new preschool this year and I'm taking it slowly there... Didn't make it to the information session, because I read the newsletter about a week after they sent it and by that time it was too late. Still thinking what to volunteer for, because quite frankly I didn't really want to volunteer for anything, but after reading your post, I feel much better about it, so I think I will (do I really get a choice?).

    I had a post planned for this week for your linky, but after dental surgery I was told to sit down and rest, so i couldn't quite complete the activity I had in mind... Now I have another week to work on it. All will be revealed in due time.

  7. Such a great experience being a kinder mum ... was one once many years ago with MR 17.

    I am really looking forward to next year when my four.5 year olds start school at 5.5 yrs...kindergarden in NSW. I think NSW is different too.

    My boys are doing a Prep program at the long day care they go too.My friend's son (also in NSW) is doing Prep 2 days a week 9-3 at a Christian school where he will start kindy next year.

  8. I got a couple years til I have my first at Kinder but I am an ex primary teacher so I totally know how kids LOVE and NEED routine. And teachers do too! All good fun and very tiring.
    I linked up. :)

  9. Congratulations on entering this exciting and full-on new world! Here I was thinking I had left one primary school as my eldest started high school this year but lo and behold I now drive my neice to kindy at the same school on a Thursday. She has the same teacher my eldest had way back in pre primary. I had so much fun doing a puzzle with her yesterday and taking my master 23 month old to play with the toys too.


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