Thursday, February 10, 2011


Four years ago we bought our dream house. It's a Victorian and over a hundred years old. It has 12-foot ceilings and ceiling roses. Each room is a different colour (all the gorgeous traditional ones) and it has baltic floorboards. When we first saw it on sale, we only looked through it because it was so amazing on the real estate website. But it was way out of our price range.

But after our first tour, we couldn't stop thinking about it. And by our second tour, we were hooked.

And they took our low offer. A miracle really.

We've made some changes, but there's still some more renovating to go. But the bits that don't need to be fixed are so inviting. And as we have saved a bit of money, we've purchased small things piece by piece to make it more homely and cozy. The formal lounge and master bedroom are havens just waiting to be enjoyed.

And if you've been visiting this blog for a little while, you may have suspected that I love the odd pile of books. And they're in every living space. Magazines waiting to be browsed, my monthly subscription, books I want to read, coffee table books that long to be opened.

But do I ever get to sit there and just read?


But last week as I walked past the havens in my home (taking out the rubbish, what else?), I decided enough was enough. It was time to enjoy those spaces more. Be still. Read. Sleep. Enjoy.

This week I did it. Several times actually. I've even been resting for short spurts (nanna nap, anyone?) while the boys had their quiet time. And kinder is a Godsend. I'm loving the extra quiet space already.

So, am I going to try and do this every week? Oh yes.

What about you? What new thing have you done this week?

And if you're not inspired, here are a few suggestions: taking a different route on your morning walk, trying a new recipe, wearing a new coloured top, trying a new nailpolish, trying a new routine with the kids (including a different packed lunch), going to a new playground, going out for a picnic, a random act of kindness, or responding differently to the same situation.

There. Did that help? Now amaze me with your new stuff (even if it is getting your eyebrows waxed for the first time - yes, this one's coming up). I can't wait to see what you've been up to this week. Oh, and remember to linky up and share the love.
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  1. I know all about having lots of books and no time to read... especially with my blog reading obsession. Unfortunately you can't read everything :(

  2. My drean house is a Victorian. So jealous! I plan to buy one when we move back to Ohio. California is just too expensive for anything like that.

    I rarely sit and read either. My sister just gave me a few books and I am hooked on one. I can't put it down. It's called The Wrong Mother. It's interesting, well written and entertaining!

  3. just from the very few snippets ive seen of your house im in love with it - it just looks gorgeous.

    i have nearly 50 books that i have yet to crack the spine on and yet i keep buying more books - yes i have a problem.

    my new thing this week, is that tomorrow im going to go swimming in a new glorious light blue part of the ocean down the very southern part of our coastline [230kms away] - mainly because its beautiful but also because i can!


  4. Oh your house sounds lovely. I have been trying to read the same book the past month but just too tiring at the moment with the littlies!
    And this week I tried something new. Cuffing my pants up. (you've seen that post already. Thanks for your fab comment too btw) :)

  5. I have hoardes of books and magazines and try to read a little each day, I can not go to sleep at night unless I have read, even if it's only a page :)

    Oh how I dream to have a 100yr+ old home.

  6. oh i love the story of how you found your dream home!!! we found ours as we were living across the road - the for sale sign had been on the house for months and just couldn't stand not knowing what the house looking like - so i arranged an appointment - fell in love, and the rest they say is history (just like you guys!!) - loving your little restful nooks too....i need me some of those!
    have a blissful rest of your week Kymmie xx

  7. Oh lovely! So glad you took that time.
    I'm quite partial to book piles!

  8. Your house does look amazing from what I have seen in pics, good for you. It must be nice to be settled. We are constantly moving and talking about moving. We Bought this home 2 years ago and I am yet to hang a picture! Pathetic huh:( I guess I'm so used to moving it never feels like 'home'.

  9. Your house I'd love ...I know it.
    I keep meaning blog a try something new but alas I am so slack. Next week for sure.

  10. Sounds blissful!! As much as I love spending time with my little chipmunk, I dream of the day I can drop her off at pre-school and just sit with a hot cup of tea and read my day away!

  11. I so need to do this haven't just sat in a long time :-)

  12. Your home is just gorgeous Kym... so glad you are taking the time to enjoy it!

  13. We went to a new park this week. It was fantastic. Life gets boring when you don't get new inspiration/stimulation: it's like you get writer's block, but it's life block.
    We have a similar old house with nooks, and like you, I don't use them enough to relax. I am going to take a leaf out of your book (pardon the pun) and slow down and read every now and again.

  14. I read this one before - thank you for linking up and I am loving re-reading this and looking at that photo. Bliss.

  15. Sounds divine Kymmie! I don't really have enough space to have any such haven inside my house, but I dream about it! My backyard, on a rug, on the lawn, looking at the green leaves and blue skies is about as close as I get. I suppose that counts, right? Do more of this Kymmie. I think it is what life is for x

  16. Coming here from Weekend re-wind. I also live in an antique house and love their charms. You have pictured one of my favourite books by Arundhati Roy and would that be a Mrs Catch Special G&T atop? Mmmm. Haven indeed.

  17. Kymmie, great post! A good reminder to stop, slow down and enjoy quiet spaces, good reading, or naps.... now where is my blanket..

  18. Your home sounds gorgeous. I love Victorian! Piles of books are a must for me too. A lovely post:)

  19. Oooh I am so jealous. Your home sounds devine and just perfect for settling down peacefully with a good book.

    My new thing this weeks was getting organised to make over Miss 11's room for her birthday. It is going to look fantastic. She is going to love it! I hope.

  20. You are just so right! I hardly ever sit and enjoy the lovely little nooks that we've created in our home. I hope you've stuck by your pledge and have been loving your home ever since. x

  21. Note to self: stop ignoring the snug, cosy places in the Fibro. I haven't done anything new this week, unfortunately. Stuck on a treadmill right now.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx