Saturday, February 26, 2011


Is it just me, or are you embracing the last days of summer like a crazy person?

Okay, it's just me (and I'm okay with that... really). And even though I know Perth and Sydney have had a hot, hot summer, I'm feeling slightly ripped off by the lack of warm weather here in Melbourne. And there's only two days left of summer. So that means that's it, right?

So, I'm wearing all my summer dresses and making the most of their feminine prettiness.

Even if I'm a bit chilly.

Bargains worth mentioning: these bird earrings for $4 and they're just so cute! The bird's eye is a little diamante.

And this necklace was just $5.

Have you  noticed I have a thing for specials? I'm not big on expensive jewellery, but more a love for costume jewellery (so it doesn't matter if the lads rip it off my neck). There's not real loss. But if I really can't live without it, I have a few jewellery tools to fix things.

And finally, these thongs. How cute is this flower? (Apologies for the sloppy nail polish. I'll be tidying it up right after I post this...)

I really do love this dress, although I've hardly worn it this summer. It can be dressed up, or worn to the beach. I bought it in a little Chinese clothing shop a year ago. And it really didn't cost me very much either (just the way I like it). 

Are you like me and wearing all your summer gear before you have to put them away for another year? Whatever you're wearing, I look forward to seeing what you've worn this week.

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DRESS, Shareen.
Thongs, Corelli.
EARRINGS, Equip ($4).
NECKLACE, Diva ($5).
NAILPOLISH, Revlon Hushed Blush.

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  1. You look stunning Kimmy! Love the ear rings and the dress. I'm so with you - we're up in Ballarat and I just feel like we've had a really long spring - summers over before it began!!

  2. Caz, I confess I'm finding it hard not to be bitter. I'm grateful we haven't been inundated with earthquakes or floods, but still just upset about minimal warm weather...

  3. Your outfits and the poses are getting more and more gorgeous ;-) I just love it.

  4. What a gorgeous dress, you look so beautiful.

  5. You do look fabulous! I'm jealous to death of the warm weather...I'm here in the Western US looking out my window at 5 inches of snow! I can't wait for summer:)

  6. Not so much me, but my girls have a stash of summer dresses that really need to be worn. They are going to creche at the moment in things I got for 'good' because I cant bear to see them looking so new and about to be grown out of.

  7. I'm with you on the disappointing summer. Love the dress and accessories!

  8. If we'd had any summer to speak of I might be trying to enjoy the end of it lol. I was just thinking yesterday that, honestly, we haven't been to the beach all summer & it's nearly over! Boo!

  9. You're looking great!

    I'm grateful we aren't experiencing Perth's oppressive heat but I wouldn't mind a few extra degrees so I too can wear my summer stuff for a little longer.


  10. oh Antonia - i mean Kym, i am slightly in mourning too about that lack of a proper summer. I heard on the news the other night we have only had 14 days of above 30 degree weather! Not good enough hey! I love your dress though - just stunning!!! your whole outfit just looks so gorgeous it wouldn't matter what temp it is outside hey! wishing you a wonderful week lovely girl xx

  11. Seriously with this heat here in Perth I would walk around in the nude if I could get away with it :)

    That dress is gorgeous!! I have had a similar style in mind to make...I really need to start making more for myself.

  12. looking as gorgeous as ever!

    i will happily swap you your lack of summer for our totally in your face summer we're STILL having!

    we've had 57 days above 30 degrees so far - we've just broken our record. autumn is on tuesday. the forecast for the first FOUR days of aumtumn is 38, 38, 37, 37. come weekend, it will have been 2 weeks since we had a MINIMUM night temp below 22.



    p.s. i LOVE that dress.

  13. You're just so pretty, Kymmie. Love.

    Had a laugh about the messy nail polish... I wondered if you'd mention it and thankfully you did! x

  14. It's funny in Brisbane I feel like Summer has just started even though it's officially Autumn in 2 days! What is up with Mother Nature?

    I am loving your outfits more and more every week. I love this dress and the earrings are so pretty! Can I just say how much I love your hair? It looks beautiful (like you!) xx

  15. Ah, I can't WAIT for summer! I'm so over winter. Your dress is so cute!

  16. Here via Mandy/Harper.

    You are TWO cute! Love your style and your hair is so sweet!

  17. Ohhhh!! Are those thongs a recent buy???? I love them :-)

  18. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  19. I love the warm weather but hate it when it hot hot hot for days. But then I love winter but hate the freezing cold. Yep no idea where I could live!
    And you are just so pretty Kym!

  20. Looking amazing as usual! You have a knack for making everything you wear look so stylish. Hope to link up again soon...if I can even manage to get dressed!!!!

  21. You look beautiful! Love the thongs and accessories.
    I always feel the urge to find cute bargains after these posts, though I never do.

  22. The thing with living this end of the it feels like summer for longer. Right now I am Sweltering (and yes, Sweltering with a capital's a tad hot). I have been wearing the summer dresses - i've actually bought a few after never really having owned any.

    Meanwhile, gorgeous dress you are wearing!!!!! And if you want more summer, fly up to northern NSW. Plenty here to share!

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Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx