Sunday, February 06, 2011

fancy pants

There's a lovely guest at today's Fancy Pants. Unfortunately, she didn't want to be in front of the camera (which is a shame because she has a pretty awesome style). But rather she took today's photographs. Which was embarrassing for me really (just goes to show that an ironing board is much easier to pose for).

It also goes to show that I am a terrible model. She made wonderful suggestions which I just felt awkward doing and couldn't stop laughing (that was the embarrassment talking).

But my gorgeous step-daughter Kelly has been a tourism photographer in Paris (I know!) and works with some of the most amazing people - in front and behind the camera (see who she works with here).

As you can tell, these necklaces are a staple. And I pretty much have them on my bedroom tallboy. All. The. Time.

And can I just say that I'm loving this more structured fashion? It works so well for the hourglass figure. (Hello, curves anyone?) No more big blousy shapeless gear for me. I've recently discovered (because I'm always lagging behind in these things) that tucking in is so much more flattering that hanging out. And a belt finishes things off nicely. Who would have thought?

Certainly not me. (Note to self: purchase a skinny belt. Pronto.)

And yes. Wedges. Again. But these are a good angle and give you a great look at them (for those of you who have been asking...)

And yes. I'm a dag (in case you were wondering). And Kelly sure brings that out in me. 

What have you done this week to get all Fancy Pants? I look forward to you linking up below and joining in the fun. Remember to share the linky love!

Kymmie wears: SINGLET, Witchery (on sale $20). WIDE LEG PANTS, Luca & Marc (on sale). BELT, Just Jeans. WEDGES, Nine West (on sale). WOOD & STRING NECKLACE, Tree of Life. WOOD & BEAD NECKLACES, Diva. NAILPOLISH, Revlon Black Berry.

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  1. Oh, I just love the outfit, the accessories, the shoes and most of all, the poses! ;-D

  2. You look stunning, such style and grace ♥

  3. dag? yeah but in such a good way :-)
    love the outfit!!

  4. Found you on Linky Tools! I like your wide-leg pants! When I started untucking my tops is when I started gaining weight because my tops hid my pooch and I just let it all go. That was newlywedness. Almost 14 years later and I'm trying to tuck in again.

    I can't choose from many pics when I'm linking via mobile so you get my big ol' face after root canal as thumbnail. Maybe I should ask Brent about mobile features?

    Come join the Fashion Blog Flash Mob next Friday

  5. oh you gorgeous thing! I particularly love those shoes!

  6. Oh the shoes are just divine - i love all these photos and yes - it's different when someone else take them! My 4.5 year old son took my photos yesterday and even then i struggled to "pose"!!! Lovely outfit - tucking in is certainly the way to go for us hourglass types!

    have a lovely week xx

  7. I love everything about this look amazing as always :)

  8. You always look fab! I agree with the less is more concept. Also maybe its just my wishful thinking but I reckon you and I look a bit the same! Ha bit of a funny thought for a Monday morning ;-)

  9. Love it! And yes I can empathise with the photo taking. I always feel like such a "try hard" when Hubby takes them!! Love those shoes...divine! Have a super week :) x x

  10. Awww I think Kelly should have gotten in front of the camera too! But Kym you look great... Especially love the pants and the fact that majority of your outfit was on sale :)

  11. Great pics ... I LOVE those pants. They look fantastic!!

  12. Oh, why have I never seen Fancy Pants before? I'll do a little linky. x

  13. love, love, love those shoes

  14. great outfit. . the accessories match well..=)


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