Thursday, February 17, 2011


With all the rains and floods, I thought it might be good to explain to Madison at bedtime about what was happening in Queensland. I told him that floods were going as high as the tops of houses and cars, and people were being swept away.

This morning, he stated for the very first time in his little life that he was bored. That's because it hasn't stopped raining, and he's tired of being inside again.

Not long afterwards, a usual trip to the bathroom had him calling out from there:

"Mummy, I'm making it sunny again!"

I didn't think I'd heard it right.

"Pardon Maddy?"

"Mummy, I'm making it sunny again!" He called out.

I went in there to see what he was talking about. He repeated it again.

"Mummy, I'm making it sunny again by turning the tap off!"

"Oh, honey..."

My heart was still for a moment. If only stopping all the flooding and rain was that easy...

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