Monday, August 23, 2010

15th silly thing | reasoning from a child's perspective

At the moment, Madison's favourite line is "Oh, that's my favourite!"

And he uses the sentence quite liberally.

It's used for chocolate (understandable), hot chips (fair enough), milkshakes (okay), cheesy mite scrolls; cheese sandwiches (well, if you insist), tshirts; trackie pants (a boy of style?), bubble baths, drinks, toys, tinned food in the supermarket... even his new bright green thongs.

Even though he says it a lot, he still says it oh so genuinely, every time.

Today, he was looking at his favourite photographs, our wedding pictures in our hallway.

He asked, "Mummy, there is you and Daddy, Kelly and Leah, but where is me and Noah?"

I replied, "You didn't exist yet."

He asked, "Why not?"

I said, "You weren't born yet."

He sat there for a moment and looked at the photograph, and then looked at me.

Then he just grinned at me and said, "Oh Mummy, you're just tricking... we were just hiding!"

I'm not sure where he thought he was hiding, but that's my favourite!

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  1. I love his outlook on life. I think he is the optimist just like his mother!!


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