Friday, August 06, 2010

2nd silly thing | mummy should know better

Photos just don't do accidents/mess/dirt any justice.

My children get grottier than most other children I've ever seen, and they look just mildly dirty in the photo. I share some cute pictures of my toddler with pasta sauce all over his face, arms, legs, body, clothes... and in the photo, there's a little bit of red on their faces, but nothing like real life.

And today, Noah decided to pull down from the dining room table a full cup of soy milk. Crawled in it. Stomped in it. Lay in it. And swirled it around with his fingers. Milk was everywhere.

But from the photo, it looks like a teeny tiny accident. And the child looks immaculately clean. Let me assure you, it's the photo.

And you know the whole reason why he's sitting in the middle of spilt milk is because of you.

As my eldest son put it: "Mummy, it's your fault Noah tipped over the cup of milk. That's because you put it too close to the edge of the table."

Silly, silly Mummy.

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