Sunday, August 08, 2010

4th silly thing | using technology rather than trusting your sense of direction

I couldn't resist putting in this gorgeous photo of a few of our favourite lads at Chesterfield Farm where we celebrated Jacob's 4th birthday (centre). Here he is with Zac (left) and Madison (right) cuddling the cutest little bunnies.

The weather was sunny and glorious, and being on the Farm was a hit with the kids.

But the silly thing today was driving up and down the road trying to find the Farm, and arriving late. And when a kid's party only goes for a couple of hours, half an hour is quite a chunk of celebrating/play time.

If I learned one thing today, it is: I rely on technology far too much and shouldn't trust the numbering system on a GPS.


  1. hahahahahaha!! I have a DH that will trust technology every time and I swear it has its limitations!! There have been arguments.

  2. My husband kept telling me to trust my instincts, not the GPS. But I didn't believe him... until we could find the place according to the map. But further along where we should have turned right instead of left... we found it. Stupid GPS.


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