Wednesday, September 21, 2011


What do you do when you have to take the kids to the pool, and it's freezing outside? (And you know you have to wear a thin cotton singlet maxi dress?)

Layers. Lots of them.

Plus, I didn't want to look too dressy for the aquatic centre. But I wanted to be warm. Really, warm.

After swimming classes and lunch, I dropped Madison off to kinder and Noah off home to bed. Then I headed to the office to work.

Yes, dressed like this. No make up, pool hair, but incredibly warm and comfy.

Do you dress nice things down or dress up casual items in your wardobe?

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Kymmie wears: MAXI DRESS, JayJays. LONG SLEEVED TEE, Giordano. PATTERNED TEE, JeansWest. DENIM JACKET, Roxy. PONTIE PANTS, Witchery. FLATS, Target. RING, Diva.


  1. Loving the color of those ballet flats! Definitely enjoy the leggin's with dress's super comfie for work :)

  2. I tend to wear footless opaque tights under dresses to reduce the bulk but keep warm. Loving the tshirt and denim jacket combo.

  3. Well what can I say...I am quite liking this look too :) Love the mix of cotton with denim.

    I have a tendency to dress the casual up...especially when over 3/4 of my wardrobe is casual.


  4. look at you! definitely hit the nail on the head with the comfy but oh so stylish look! I always dress things up, or tone things done....this SAHM has to make the wardrobe work triple hard! i think we are getting some warmer weather tomorrow!


  5. Haha! Layers, love it Kymmie. You look so cute today. Love the denim jacket and little flats. Also like the flower power ring... shazam! :o)
    You are such a busy bee, swimming lessons, mothering, working! I do hope you had some time to unwind this evening xo

  6. Kymmie you've inspired me today! I got dressed this morning.... normal dress for shop and school run and i thought well Kymmie just adds a little of this and that and looks fab surely i can add something. So i opened the drawer of collected beads,necklaces and bracelets (that i collect for the drawer i never wear them) and i put one on! of course Master3 has some on too but he's looking fab.

  7. Love layers, love casual... it's my fave way to dress! Loving your blog xo


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