Monday, September 05, 2011


So, here it is! The tee that's going to be thrashed to the core this week. Poor thing. I already feel for it's nightly wash, spin dry and hang out, all before it has to do it all over again.

For the next five days.

But you can be glad that at least I'm washing it, right?

Especially after a day like today. I'm doing a barter type system with a friend. I look after her kids once a week while she works, and vice versa. Today, it was my turn. And the four kidlets and I had a ball. We cooked raspberry, white chocolate and macadamia muffins, Marcus Neiman Cookies, and packed a picnic. We visited one of Madison's playgrounds and spent much of the sunny afternoon there.

Want to know more about the tee?

When I bought it, it was a hard choice. From my favourite shop of the moment, they had a few to choose from. But this one with its loose weave and pleated shoulders won out. I figured that it was conventional enough to wear out or in, and with most things. There were some tees they had that were just tight (too limiting), or sleeveless (I wanted sleeves), or had too much detail (I wanted plain-ish).

The test will be, is it durable? And will I really want to wear it again after this week's overkill? What would you wear with this white tee?

Thanks for stopping by!

Kymmie wears: TEE, Witchery. SKIRT, Witchery. NECKLACE, Eb & Ive. CUFF, Diva. FACE, Nothing (but you can tell, can't you?).


  1. I have a t'shirt dilemma. I want t'shirts. but they all seem to be that bloody thin you can see my belly button through them and a bit more. so not what I'm after.

  2. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for your different looks! The challenge will certainly be durability. Clothes these days aint what they used to be! x

  3. what a challenge! but the tee does look versatile and comfy.

  4. I can never wear a white tee for more than a hour before I or someone else gets it dirty.
    I have resigned myself to cheap polo's usually in blue. Most t-shirts I find are too short in length and I am forever pulling them down.
    good luck!

  5. Ooo how exciting! The challenge has begun! It is awesome that you are going to wear and wash the same T-shirt every day... I thought you'd at least have two of them on rotation! Loving today's look, very urban cool.
    I would wear that T with jeans or little shorts... but it would go well with most things actually. Oh you will be OVER it after this week I am thinking ;o) xo

  6. If anyone can do this Kymmie it's you :)
    T shirts are a staple in my long as they don't cling and are long enough to cover my mummy tummy...I love to pair them with denim and shorts.


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