Friday, September 09, 2011


So, today is the last day of the one item, five days, five ways challenge. And what better way to finish than with some black and white essentials?

I feel a bit relieved this whole challenge is over (for instance, I can go back to wearing nil makeup all week), but funnily enough now I have enough ideas to do another five day challenge with the same tee. Of course, I can say this bravely in the safety of knowing I'm not doing this same item again. But this challenge has made me think hard about what I could do to give this top a different look each day without the same old, same old.

Also, it was a great way to recycle my wardrobe and think outside the square.

It wasn't even too bad washing the tee every night. I only went out once with a semi-damp top. And thankfully, it was a warm day.

But - hurrah - we did it!

What do you think? Worth doing again? Soon? 

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  1. Love the finale! You should totally do it again x

  2. A great look for the last day Kymmie. Very sophisticated for the humble white T. And my have you worked that T this week :o) Well done my friend!
    Definitely worth doing this again with another clothes item. Maybe a basic dress next time?! Look forward to it, can't get enough of fancy pants xo

  3. Yes do it again i found it really interesting and you helped one really slack dresser lift her game! Very classy last day, i was thinking with a pink tutu or something ;)

  4. I think it's definitely worth another round...would love to see what your item would be next time.
    I never would have thought to team a tee with a blazer and dress pants but it looks fab.
    Have really enjoyed your five days, five ways challenge Kym :)

  5. Definitely worth doing! You've inspired me. I'd love to take up the challenge myself. :)

  6. The white tee is really a classic and an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. I love this whole series, Kym. Every woman MUST HAVE a white tee and luckily for your blog fans, your "five ways" posts will help us play with this amazing top.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx