Monday, September 26, 2011


My five year old son picks me flowers. And it's just the sweetest thing. He comes in after some time in the back yard, usually with a small offering.

This time it was purple flowers. Anything purple. Looks like we have a bit of that colour in our garden at present...

And showing him how grateful I am for his little gifts, I put them in little vases so we all can enjoy them.

What cute things do your kids do for you?


  1. Gorgeous :)

    My little one has just started telling me she loves me. All these years of saying it to her, and she's finally decided to say it back. Loving it!

  2. so son just comes up and tell me "i love you all the time, for one million trillion times" and it just makes my heart melt! you go enjoy those gifted flowers my lovely! truely to a well deserved mumma xx

  3. Awwww... He's a sweetie pie.

    I confess I got in big trouble one day when I kinda sorta rejected a small gathered post... Um... In my defence it was the fourth of the day and... Ah, who am I kidding - no defence. I was a big, wrong meanie wearing cranky pants!! x

  4. I always have flowers coming in, it is so lovely. Trouble is I have to secretly throw them out!

  5. Kymmie your boys are soooo handsome.

    My little one , keeps turning his noggins back at me when I am trying to put him down to sleep at night. He smiles and giggles and say "Mum" over and over again in between burying his head in the mattress and then reaches behind him with his hand,so I have to then hold his hand as he drifts off to sleep.

    I love him. Makes it easier to cope with that he wakes up sooo early still.

    I love the sweet vases too.

  6. Tonight she rubbed her face full of biscuit into my shirt, right at the cleavage.

    I think I'll be glad when she gives me flowers instead ;)

    Your boy is so precious

  7. my son keeps telling my husband how much he loves him and how he doesn't want him to ever die, and then he proceeds to bring up the fact that if that happened, "who'd win me stuff on the game" (play station!

  8. Oh that is beautiful Kymmie! Your boys just keep getting cuter. I can remember loving getting out in the garden and picking posies for my Mama... and sometimes my favourite teachers too!
    This is going to sound psychotic, but the sweetest thing my Mr3 does for me is stick up for me when Mr1 is pulling my hair or being a rough nut... and he IS a rough nut! Mr3 will drop whatever he is doing and come flying to my rescue if he hears me struggling with the 'baby'! He then repeats "release Mama" over and over. It's pure love ;o) xo

  9. My girls give me flowers all the time, after their walks in the village. I put them in vases, too. I just love, love, love this family ritual. YOur boy is really so cute <3

  10. My miss e was always a flower picker. She never left me a stem though so they were always displayed floating in a bowl of water. So precious.

  11. Totally my house! Purple at the moment also. My friend was amazed yesterday when the Munchkin brought me fresh picked bunch from the garden. Apparently her kids never think to do it. Made me love it all the more. :) <3


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