Sunday, September 25, 2011


I blame the weather on the fact that I'm still wearing black. It was only 15 degrees today, and admit I was hoping to wear more colour.

You see, I've been totally inspired by Felicity @ Gifts of Seredipity (who, ironically, was inspired by me) to take some gorgeous snaps of her wardrobe. So much colour, and so much spring inside. I love taking a peek into other people's wardrobes, and looking at her collection, I'm dying to wear bright clothes for warmer weather! (I just don't think Melbourne has gotten that memo yet.)

And look who's up to his usual tricks! Madison kept timing his bike ride to come around around the same time as the camera takes it's timer shots. He's getting it just right now!

I confess since buying these pontie pants, whether one should wear them on their own, or always under something? I've leant towards treating them like tights rather than pants, because I've seen some scary looking, er, jeggings out there (and didn't want to be scarying anyone). But as for the quandry, I've always worn long tops or tunics worn over them. They've been such an amazing winter staple, and I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of them. And is there anything better than an elastic waist?

Perhaps the weather will get warmer and I won't have to keep pondering this while wearing a pair of shorts.

At the moment I'm so in love with this violet eye shimmer with no dark eyeshadow. I definitely don't look as tired. Which reminds me, when am I going to start reducing my sleep debt? My youngest lad is almost two and a half... (sixteen more years to go?)

Did you ponder how to wear tights during the cold weather (or was it just me)?

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Kymmie wears: TUNIC & PONTIE PANTS, Witchery. BLAZER, Ojay. WEDGES, Nine West. SCARF, Myer. RING, Diva. Madison wears: TSHIRT, Piping Hot.

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See this girl? She's so awesome!


  1. Great look! I love wearing tights in winter but struggling a bit with what to wear on top.
    btw - I simply adore your garden it's gorgeous x

  2. Oh you gorgeous, gorgeous girl - you've rocked yet another outfit and I love the shimmer in your scarf and your eyes too!

    The close up is a truly lovely photo and could be your 'About Me' photo for sure.

    Happy weekend Lovely, what a joy you are.

    xx Felicity

    PS: Cleaning out a cupboard the other day I found a bag of clothes that I'd packed to go to the Salvos [apparently it never got there] I found some clothes and better still shoes that I actually liked et voila they're in my wardrobe again!

  3. I have to say that I read some pretty anti-tights-as-pants posts early in the season and didn't step out in mine unless covered by a skirt or dress! You look gorgeous as always x

  4. I love those pants they look fab on you. I've tried a few jeggings, but they're all horrid, I'll eventually find a pair I like, but as you suggest, I'd probs only wear long tops over them! they are very flattering when worn right, like you do!

  5. This is a great look and you look fantastic. I hope you get some warm weather soon, as I look forward to your warm weather inspirations.

  6. I have been raving about your fashion choices that I noticed just now how much of a pro you are in doing your make up. Is there something you cannot do? ;-) xx

  7. looking great kymmmie and yes, the great leggings debate - are they really pants??? i tend to layer them up too - i just can't do a short top. don't know if i'll link up...i'm at my mums...but perhaps tomorrow if i can take some snaps xx

  8. You look gorgeous!

    I've been wanting to wear leggings but must admit haven't yet pulled the look together yet.

    I did step out today in a very colour dress and received three compliments within minutes.

    It left me thinking we Melbournites really have been devoid of colour for so long.

  9. You do look fabo! I must admit as a plus size mum, I cannot do without layering through the winter. I love my leggins, paired with a long top and cardi. You do have a definit sense of style that is quite classic.

  10. I went shopping last week and was in love with the bright colours around... at last!

    Love the eye shimmer!

  11. You are just beautiful Kymmie :O)

  12. Believe it or not but this winter was the first time since I was a wee girl that I have been seen sporting tights and you know what I loved them! I wore them layered with longer tops and short dresses.

    Love your striped top, actually love your whole look :)


  13. I always wear pants like that as tights or under tunics. It feels a bit much to expose myself with a normal length top!

  14. Those shoes are heartstoppingly fab. LOVE them. And I am so out of the loop, I clearly need to invest in some eyeshadow glimmer style. Looking gorgeous lady! x

  15. Oh I love the questions you pose Kymmie! Because yes indeed, I often ponder how to wear tights. Sometimes I think I can pull them off with just a short top, but then I get all self conscious and throw a long top/jumper or dress over the top. I guess we've all seen legging fashion disasters out there and I know I don't want to be one of them ;o)
    You look stunning as always... I love eye shimmer, it's so pretty! Your eyes look amazing, so keep doing what you're doing with that violet shimmer.
    Oh and Madison is an adorable little man xo

  16. I'm just in love with the shoes!

    Not that yours are - but I live by the rule "Tights are not pants!" Lol!

    Found your blog via Jen Reid's Best of the Blogs review. :)

    I'll have to remember to link up at some stage soon. :)


  17. Never mind the gorgeous outfits, i just want those shoes, those and the red wedges!!!

    I think i need to go wedge shopping!


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