Thursday, September 08, 2011


While this all white look is so fresh, crisp and all the rage this spring, it's not for the fainthearted. Or for anyone who puts their scraps in the compost bin, or refills their tomato sauce bottle, or who might be a bit clumsy, or works with dirt, or has children...

Most people, actually.

Because when I took out the scraps and refilled the tomato sauce bottle (yes, I was doing those things in this outfit), I was kind of On Edge. You know, worried about all that leftover food or bright red getting on my Cricket Whites.

Because last time I wore an all white suit (before I had children, obviously), it was at a friend's special 'do. Hor'devours in the garden, formal dinner by the ocean, that sort of thing. By the first round of canopes, I had red grape juice on my sleeve, and bright green pesto on my light pink blousy top. And when soup was served, I leaned over for the salt, and put my whole sleeve in it. (Did I mention it was pumpkin?)

I was a class act that day.

So, as a result, this look is not entirely for me. (Heck. I didn't even wear white on my wedding day.)

But I'm giving it a shot and have napi-san ready to go at, say, around 9.25am.

Anyhow, who cares about how much washing I'll have by mid-morning when the day is this beautiful? Happy Spring Thursday!

Will you brave the all white look this season?

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Kymmie wears: TEE, Witchery. LINEN PANTS, Giordano. WEDGES, Roc. BANGLE, (on left wrist), Equip. FLOWER RING, Diva. FACE, Tinted Moisturiser/Mascara/Blush/Lip gloss (three days in a row. Miracle!)


  1. I could never pull off a whole white outfit...the last time I did was my wedding day and even then little Miss 18mths at the time got chocolate fingers all over me :)
    As much as I love a white tee I do tend to shy away from them for the same reasons you stated...though I do think you own this outfit pretty well.


  2. You are so rocking that white T Kym.
    For some reason I cant wear white pants or shorts... I have a phobia I reckon... just the thought gives my the creeps(yep I am a dork).

    You look fantastic in your all white outfit :-)

  3. Oh I just LOVE these shots Kymmie. You're a vision in white, just beautiful! The sunshine and the garden are the ultimate backdrops for your white crusade today. A great outfit. And yes, you are so VERY brave for putting it on. The thought of an entire white outfit just chills me. I have a pair of gorgeous white jean shorts, but haven't worn them since Mr3 was a babe, it was just too messy :o/ xo

  4. You look lovely and fresh..perfect for spring.

    I love all white but I have a tendency to do messy things without thinking to change my clothes. Not to mention I usually have a sticky fingered 2 and a bit year old climbing all over me.

    For now I've pushed all my white clothes to the back of my wardrobe.

  5. Looking Super Cool
    but I'm with Elizabeth
    no white below the waist. no shorts, pants, shoes or god forbid leggings. I'll wear white ankle socks with joggers but thats it.

    Oh how uncool i am!!
    (feeling a sudden need to go shopping)

    looking forward to day five what can be done to a TGIF White Tee

  6. Haha that made me laugh. Super brave!

  7. You look AMAZING!!!
    I love all these shots... I've got to get myself one of those t-shirts! I'm usually such a black girl, but I need to venture out into some colour this season. xx

  8. I would not trust myself in all white for even a minute! You, on the other hand, look fabulous! x

  9. White is probably my favorite color so I love this Kym. I absolutely love your hair too!!!


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