Thursday, September 22, 2011


It was my mum's birthday last week, and I had the perfect gift for her. You see, she loves sugar. And she'll be the first to admit that's she a sugarholic. (Or is that chocoholic?) Either way, she's a sweet tooth.

But no, I didn't buy her chocolate. In fact I was thinking of a book called The Sweet Poison Quit Plan. I knew she would love it. In fact, I was so interested in it, I wanted a copy too.

So I read it. In two sittings. I couldn't put it down. It was so interesting.

One tends to shut off when you hear for the millionth time that too much sugar is bad for you. But I'd never considered it poisonous. My motto is 'everything in moderation'. But most people don't know what moderation is. Turns out I don't either, as I eat far too much sugar.

So after reading the book, I decided right then and there I was going to try this theory. So, cold turkey, I stopped eating sugar that day.

It was a challenge, because it's hidden everywhere - even in my soy milk.

By the end of the first day I had a whopping headache. Sugar withdrawal apparently (it was mentioned in the book).

On the second day, nothing could stop my hunger. I was famished.

But by third day my stomach was no longer bloated, and I had no desire to eat sugar. Plus I realised that I felt fuller quicker. My body was no longer blocking my hunger signals (yes, sugar does that).

The fourth day had my skin looking clearer than it has for a very long time.

By the fifth day I noticed an obvious reduction in the cellulite on my legs (yes, instant results!).

And without trying, I have lost two kilograms. I haven't changed a thing. Except cut out sugar.

Here are some facts from the book:
  • Sugar was once such a rare resource that nature decided we didn’t need an off-switch – in other words, we can keep eating sugar without feeling full.
  • In the space of 150 years, we have gone from eating no added sugar to more than a kilogram a week.
  • You would need to run 7 km every day of your life just to not put on weight as a result of eating that much sugar.
  • Two decades ago 1 in 14 adult Australians were obese; that figure is now 1 in 5.
  • The ‘natural’ sugar in one glass of unsweetened fruit juice per day for a year is enough to add just over 2.5kg your waistline.
  • The more sugar we eat, the more we want. Food manufacturers exploit our sugar addiction by lacing it through ‘non-sweet’ products, such as bread, sauces, soups and cereals.
Today, I made a chocolate and almond flourless cake which I reduced the sugar to half a cup. After just one slice, guess what? I had a headache. (Too much sugar!) I also didn't enjoy it one bit. This has been a reality check, and I because of this book, I'm onto something. And I couldn't recommend the book higher.

Could you go cold turkey and not eat any sugar?

Have you tried something new this week? It might be as major as cutting out a whole item of food in your pantry, or as small as eating a smaller slice of cake.

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  1. you've caught my attention!

    This year I've been focusing on getting fit, but I can't seem to manage the 'don't eat crap' that needs to run along side this fitness!

    I feel bloated, my skin is crap and I know what I need to do to fix it, eat healthier. Maybe something like this is the kick up the butt I need!

    mmmmmm food for thought.

  2. hi there sweet girl, you know where I am coming from because I started on the no fructose thing last Nov.
    Good for you for giving it a go. so many of my friends think it is a scam but I know they come from a place of addiction - I was there.
    As for the reduction in cellulite? Hmmmm I think you have amazing genes. Not sure I noticed that one.
    At 42, I have found a way to live without guilt from what I eat, or how little I exercise because I eat a diet with the only restriction being fructose intake, and I am living in my healthy weight range. I used to struggle with this, while attending the gym, and paying a personal trainer.

  3. It never used to be but somehow over the last couple of years sugar has become intrinsically woven into my day.
    Your post is compelling [reduced cellulite hello!] and as this is the second glowing review of this book that I've read it looks like I can't ignore the facts any longer - off to the library I go!

    Happy day Lovely and thank you so much for sharing,

  4. I want this book... No I NEED THIS BOOK! xx

  5. Ok I am hooked! Do you mean that you stopped eating candies or gave up on everything containing sugar? Hmmm I may have to find this book...

  6. i bought both of his books on wednesday and am half way through reading the first, should have both finished by the end of the weekend and on monday i embark on my sugarless lifestyle!

    am looking forward to it but am also sightly terrified, since i started reading the first book, i'm checking the labels of everything and you're right - SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING!! the guide is no more than 3grams of sugar per 100grams but i can't believe how MUCH stuff has WAY more than that in it!

    glad to hear you're reaping the benefits of it, i hope to be soon too!


  7. I have a wee confession to make...I purchased both books last year, like you read them in two days, went cold turkey with great results and then somehow let sugar creep back into my diet...DOH!

    I think it's time to dig them out and read them again :)


  8. I have the worst sweet tooth! A friend of mine has been doing this for 2 months now...might have to think about taking the challenge!

  9. I went cold turkey on sugar once, prompted by a book called Potatoes not Prozac. It did amazing things for my body as well as my mind. I reached a point where the smell of chocolate made me sick because I didn't want it so much.

    I wish I could go back to that, I loved that I was in control of my food and my emotions related to sugar didn't have a say in it.

    Recently I've been known to eat a family block of chocolate in a day. I think I need a big boot to kick me in the butt... but I can feel it coming, it will be here very soon I think.

  10. I would be really interested to hear what you actually ate all week. Can you do a blog post on it? Because what you have just blogged about is very interesting, but the reality of doing things like this is what turns you off doing what's best for yourself.

  11. I loved reading your story, I gave up sugar 4 weeks ago, under advise from a naturopath and have lost 3kgs already. I went through the suger withdrawal headaches as well, and I didn't think I was addicted to sugar until I gave it up. Same as you found, I lost weight, my skin is better and I'm not looking for something to eat all the time, the benefits are almost instant...once you get past the headaches for a few days. Yay for us!!

  12. I have the book and it really floored me... But my denial-mode kicked in mediately and the book is on my shelf. Clearly I need help!! x

  13. Thankyou for posting on such an interesting topic. I have just completed not only a sugar detox, but a fructose detox and a complex carb detox too. It is amazing how good I felt after getting it all out of my system.

  14. A few years ago I decided to cut right back on my sugar content, and I felt much better for it. But I've heard about this book a few times now, and have requested it from the library so I'll have a read and see how I go.

    Really interesting hearing your experience with it. Do you think it's a sustainable choice, or is it more that the benefits make it worth the extra effort?

  15. Wow. This is so interesting. I'm off to find a copy to read. I have just begun a huge health kick or a few months so it sounds like something to know about.

  16. Wow, very informative. I have a sweet tooth and there are times when I try to withdraw and do notice results. Then I forget or give in. I'll try again. And find this book. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Congratulations, Kymmie. I hope I can also do this as I am a certified chocoholic. Someday, someday.

  18. WOW ... Clearer skin, less cellulite and weight loss all sounds pretty damn good to me!! Maybe I need to give this a go too.

  19. You are right on with your sugar facts. Fruits and vegetable all have some sugar in them and most of the time it is enough to satisfy one's sweet tooth.
    Staying away from processed juices and making your own is a better way to go too. Doing your own baking and cooking allows you to control what you eat. Good job!

  20. great post kymmie....i'm really wanting to cut out the sugar and refined foods in our diet. you think you are buying your family healthy options but really they are laced with sugar and addictive additives....its just not fair. i'll head off to the library and see if i can get a copy!!! thanks so much xx

  21. yep...a daily no sugar menu would be great!!, complete with receipes? do you think you could manage that for us. then i can just copy cat and not buy the book. he he.

  22. I've popped over from Megan's blog and certainly have found this post compelling. Will have to check out the book I think!


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