Friday, September 16, 2011


So, if you ever wondered what it was like to be in my head, this week you might have wanted to get out. Pronto.

You see, I'm a big researcher. And when it comes to those important decisions, I just can't seem to make up my mind.

And the latest of [in]decisions? It's schools. The choice. The pondering. The prospectuses. The application forms.

Yet all this indecision has me grateful. Can you believe it? (Something good had to come out of it, I guess...)

So this week, I'm grateful for:
  1. Options. How is it that I have at least six schools to choose from? And all within close proximity to our house? Private and public.
  2. Good reputation. When deciding which school to send my son, I've been looking at their reputation. (And would you believe it, they're all good?)
  3. Uniforms. The past few weeks my five year old son has been obsessed (yes, obsessed) with what he wears to kinder. It has to be skinny jeans, baseball cap (on backwards, of course), and a cool top. (Criteria? A top with a picture or writing on it.) He even has new sneakers which he hardly takes off. The minute he is at kinder he is comparing notes with his little boy friends ("Do you think this top is cool? Yeah, your top is cool!" I do not lie). He refuses to wear his kinder shirt (not compulsory) and have his hair any shorter than shoulder length. If I can find one good thing about my boy starting school next year, it's that he won't be too cool for school. He will look like everyone else - in school uniform. I'm sure the lack of school uniforms in America is connected to their First Amendment, but I really like the compulsory school uniform thing we have here in Australia. Really. I do.
What are you grateful for this week?

This week the insanely adorable Brenda from Mira Narnie is hosting Maxabella's gratefuls. So head on over and join in this wonderful positive tradition.

Happy grateful day!


  1. aarrrrhhhhhhh! Can;t believe I'm hosting Grateful and thanks so much for your sweet comment and linking up! And wow-ee what a list you have there! I have gone through a mini version of choices. You see, i thought my daughter wouldn't get into the local kinder so was thinking of montessori, then, two weeks ago, i get the letter that she's offered a place! YAY! but then, i had the offer from montessori too - so it was like -Ohh? Choices Choices...first none, now too many ;-(
    And do we have a little Mr Fancy Pants in the making??? love his outfit choices....skinny jeans on kids is so cool but yes, bring on the school uniform next year xx

  2. I so agree with you about the uniforms. My youngest sister is 12 and just finishing primary school. While public primary schools in New Zealand don't have mandatory school uniforms, my sister's school are imposing one from next year. There's been a bit of disagreement amongst the parents about it, but most peole see it as good. Clothes can be isolating, and uniforms remove that isolation. x

  3. With your style, it's no wonder you've bred a little fashionista ;)

  4. I'm usually incredibly indecisive, but when it came to choosing a school for Princess Ella for next year we were both pretty clear on where we wanted her to go. In fact, we've known for quite a few years - probably since she was born! Good luck. xx

  5. I love it! He IS way cool. The whole school decision is a nightmare. But you're lucky to have so many options.

    Visiting via Grateful.

  6. my daughter asked me this week when school starts, she was a bit panicky that she didn't have her costume right. Then I had to break it to her that she doesn't start till after xmas and it's a uniform! They are so cute at this age, and as for that hair, it's just gorgeous.

  7. I was also like that when my eldest daughter was about to go to kindergarten. We had to take a leave from work to visit the schools that we shortlisted, interview the school officials about their teaching philosophy, check the fees and finally, observe the students. The whole process was arduous and nerve-wracking but I guess we owe it to our children to give them the best education we can possibly afford. Good luck on your search.

    PS. I can see you and your husband in your long-haired boy. So cool. And soooo cute.



  8. that kid of your Kymmie is just the cutest & coolest kid!
    decisions decisions, don't overthink it, go with what your gut says, somewhere where you want him to hang out at & friends that you want him to have & a good learning environment.

    as far as education goes, I think it's the same wherever you go.


  9. He is a fancy pants! And gorgeous too!
    I wish I had some more choices for schools here in HK, we are having a nightmare finding any with spaces available.
    Have a great weekend, lovely.
    Cat x

  10. Been there! Pretty much the same situation too. Our area has schools that have great reputations and all perform above state average.

    I decided and was all set. Then something happened at pre school that showed us another aspect of the Little Man we only suspected could be lurking...

    Upshot? Not going to the mid priced Catholic school we had chosen. He's going to the all boys mega expensive Private school for the next 13 years. It is the right choice. I am almost completely fine with it, almost. Ask me again in 20 years...

  11. Oh so cute!! And not to mention cool :))

  12. Just finished an epic reply email to you haha
    He is too adorable and I am thinking a uniform may be good for both of you. My number two went from full on uniform with tie in year 2, to a school with no uniform. It has worked out well as there is money to burn at her new school and yet the kids all wear tracky pants and kmart t shirts. Perfect. I now realise it is the ethos and leadership of the school which is filtered down to the kids and their families.

  13. It is good to have options when it comes to our kids education isn't it? I think we're so lucky in that regard. Love that your kids is such a fashionista! Guess who got your genes!

  14. Such lovely photos and a very good point on schools. At times, it's felt like too much choice, but I'm grateful too. VERY glad that I know where all the kids are going next year. I've got zillions of boys uniforms but know nothing about the girl uniforms, that's next term's job.

  15. Decisions, decisions! We've already applied for Miss A's secondary school to start in the year 2021 (No I'm not joking), and she'll be going to our local primary. And I love that Mr 5 is doing his own version of 'fancy pants' each day. xx

  16. It’s such a big deal, choosing the right school. So glad to hear you have so many choices. I’m sure you will make the right one for your beautiful boy xo

  17. Oh yes...grateful to have choices...ours being to homeschool :) Ensuring that our children, the next generation get a decent education is pretty nerve wrecking but it sounds like you are on the right path Kym.

    And check out your son...definitely up there with the coolest!!


  18. Your boys are lovely. The school decision was a hard one for us too, lots of good schools, but in the end we went for the public school around the corner. High school, on the other hand, is already freaking me out!
    Happy weekend x

  19. How lucky to have so many great options. Ours here are a public school which I am sure has 'knife skills ' as part of their curriculum or 3 private schools that I really have to try to be a better catholic for him to attend (I am christened anglican). Good luck with your choice.

  20. I'm sure you'll choose the right school. Something to remember is that the next one coming along probably has a different personality and often we only choose with no.1. child in mind.

  21. We had two good choices for primary school and I was stuck in indecision for months but as soon as MiniMe started Kindergarten I was happy with the choice we had made. I am sure I would have been happy at the other option too but I think once you have made the decision and the ball is rolling you just go with it and it all works out.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx