Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, you've gotten a two-for-one deal today, because the maximum temperature in Melbourne ended up being 28 degrees (!!!). Yet it's still spring, so the mornings are still Oh So Cold. I started with this...

And by 3pm today, this is what I wore...

Of course, by the time I finished work, picked up the kids, dropped off our overdue DVDs, picked up some tomatoes for dinner (we made pizza!), I looked like this again.

As you do in Melbourne.

Do you layer for the extremes in weather conditions? (Or is that just what people who live in Melbourne do?)

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Kymmie wears: MAXI DRESS, JayJays. CARDIGAN, Glassons. BELT, JeansWest ($2.99 baby!). ESPADRILLES, Neo (some spanish brand). NECKLACE, That lovely jewellery shop in Lorne. RING, Diva.


  1. Definitely a Melbourne/Victoria thing. We're north east of Melb. and am all layered up today, Lovely!
    Great dress, but I love your haircut. As always, you look fab.

  2. No I am definitely a girl who layers...but that could be a result of having grown up in windy Wellington :)

    Love those wedges Kym.


  3. ah yes, the uniform of melbourne is infact black - with layers! So you have it down pat today! Looking smokin' in your maxi with cardi and belt combo and how daring of you to splas those red wedges...love it! xx

  4. I have to layer because I always get over heated during the day. Like that you are working the maxi as a skirt option - it makes me want to look at my dresses in a different way

  5. I love a bit of layering...even in Sydney, layering is a necessity as office temp can be either frigid or sauna-like!! I love to do the long sleeve top with the cardi over top and sleeves pushed up.
    You look fab as usual!

  6. Loving the belt over the maxi, with or without cardi. And those red shoes are striking. We have been experiencing a bit of winter weather last few days but braved knee length skirt with boots today. Skin to the wind, yay.

  7. Fantastic! I love this dress, I want, I want! We layer here in Brisbane too at the moment. Only because the mornings can be really cool, but the days are very hot (got up to 33 the other day!) and you're not wearing much by then.

  8. Your dress is working well both ways!

    I've lived in Melbourne for over 15 years and yet still seem to dress for summer. After all this time I regularly get caught out wearing something unseasonable.

    Layering is a good idea and one I should really consider embracing, especially in this Melbourne weather.

  9. Haha! 2 for 1! Kymmie, you're a classic :o)
    Loving both of your Spring looks today. You really are rocking this 5 ways caper. So enjoyable to read xo

  10. A maxi dress is such a good base for layering!

    xx Cristina

  11. You are so rocking that maxi dress. I would wear my maxi dress all the time if I looked as cute as you ;-)
    I have posted a fancy pants today and gave you a shout out. Hope that is cool.

  12. Loving the red shoes, how fabulous are they :)

  13. Wow, I love this look!

    Love the red shoes too - Great statement piece



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