Friday, September 16, 2011


Just a few things we talked about this week at our place*. What did you talk about?

*One of my favourite places to visit is Life in a Pink Fibro. Allison has started doing this, and I love it so much, I'm doing it too.


  1. This is a VERY cool idea and picture/story/image/typography....
    I tend to write too much, maybe this would help me get to the point! LOL
    Can I ask how you made it?
    Few similar discussions in our house; child care, home schooling, development... I do love the icecream discussion... WHY IS THAT???

  2. I think this is the BEST way to wrap up the week that was. A great record of family / daily life. x

  3. We talked about holidays that are here for two weeks, mowing the lawn, a burst tyre..but he made it home, new tyres, safety, this time and lastly, warm sunny weather for the weekend! I love your way of doing a conversation list..I had fun just thinking about it then.

  4. Hi Carly, I can't message you privately, so here are the answers to your questions!

    I did the square in Adobe InDesign (but you could use a Word document). Change the paper shape and write the words in different sizes (but same font). Then export the file to a jpg. Voila! New picture!

    And why kids think that cereal, then ice cream is a good idea is beyond me!

  5. Wish my children would learn not to drag DVDs on the floorboards :)

  6. Kymmie I just love this idea!

    Especially "why is it that we can't eat every meal in front of the TV?" would love to know how that one went down.

    some of my high lights... bush turkeys, not taking your clothes and nappy off at random times during the day, eat food not sand, all things small potatoes

    loving looking after my nieces

    Bec xx

  7. enrolment forms!

    School is next year for us. I think I am ready.
    Yes I am.
    I think.

  8. Lots of school talk in that batch, hmmm, I'm kind of avoiding the idea of that topic, we've got a bit over a year to worry about it :o/
    And DVD's on the floorboards, well that just spells trouble! xo

  9. Who says you can't eat icecream at 10am??? Fun police ;)
    Ahh, the schooling debate. What I learnt was that if it doesn't work out, you can always change. Learning styles and personalities are different, even between siblings, which is why we have have had both girls at different schools for the past two years.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx