Friday, June 11, 2010

lesson ten | healthy is truly wealthy

“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Catching up with friends is awesome. To keep sane, I do it regularly.

Today was especially special. My boys got to hang out with my beautiful friends who also have boys. Today there was even one lovely girl. All the boys were running about, all the while Heli's Madeleine watched the madness. And her future choices :-)

But I digress...

During our morning tea which turned into a delicious lunch, we got talking about what we eat. What we can eat and what we can't. Allergies are everywhere I discover more and more. Heli is allergic to oranges, soy, strawberries, tomatoes and more. Meanwhile, Daniella has a fructose and gluten allergy. That means most fruits and most carbs.

Later that day, I was thinking how hard it must be for Heli and Ella to prepare every meal. To go out for dinner. And then I thought about how at the end of every day I prepare an egg free vegetarian meal which should lower cholesterol for my Darling Hubby. I try so hard not to whine.

Then I heard from a very old friend who I haven't caught up with for four years.

He has bowel cancer.

And liver cancer.

And after months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the doctors wanted to do more. He asked for his odds. And with more 'therapies' and surgery, he had a 5% survival rate.

As you can imagine, he's ditched the chemo and radio and is on the 'greens' (as he put it). That's an organic vegan diet full of vegetable purees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Potatoes at every meal (for the potassium) and a cocktail of natural drugs. He mentioned casually that he's keeping his local organic fruit and veg place in business.

Then tonight, my boys had their immunisations. That means I voluntarily let people stick needles into both arms of each of my children so that not only are they protected, but they are protecting the children around them. Nobody needs to die from the Flu (or many other previously deadly viruses) anymore. Despite all the horror stories I've read on immunisations.

It's been one 'health' of a day. And I learnt that without our health, what are we left with?

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  1. Wowee, what a day! Yes, good health is something we take for granted so easily. When I come across people with various illnesses, it really makes me stop and think of how very lucky we are.


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