Saturday, June 26, 2010

lesson twenty six | if you look for the good, it will always find you

“I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.” – William Allen White

It's been a week since I felt beaten by my kids, but the past few days I've had a new attitude. It's times like these I'm so glad I'm not sick too. At least someone in the house is patient (sometimes), cheery (mostly), and has a temperature under 38.5 degrees.

The past days have been fun-filled. With all the time spent at home, there's been the challenge of looking for new things to do, keeping things interesting, and being creative.

Having two sick boys at home means lots of physical touch and needing Mummy close by. So when I decided we needed an outing because the weather looked so fabulous, the boys placed my ugg boots into the bathtub and sucked water from an old soap bottle when I blowdried my hair; jumped on the bed in fits of giggles when I was getting dressed; at my feet when I made lunch; wanting lots of cuddles when I put on their shoes.

We finally piled into the car to find that by the time we arrived at our destination, it was pouring.

Thanks Melbourne.

Plan A: picnic, resulted in Plan B: cafe complete with roaring fire. This was a much more sensible idea. What on earth was I thinking being outdoors with sick kids?

Anyway, the lunch I packed was devoured... by Noah. Madison is obviously still sick. He's barely touched food since Wednesday... and puts himself to bed. What child does that?

It was freezing cold, but at least we had an outing.

And if the past few days have gone well with sick kids, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

I wait in nervous anticipation...


  1. Melbourne weather! LOL!! That would be quite annoying. Sounds like the kids are recovering well which is great.

  2. Wettest winter in 7 years. Its my fault, were building the house. If they wanted us to break the drought we should have built years ago.


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