Friday, June 25, 2010

lesson twenty five | it's good to change the plan every now and then

"It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing." – Mother Teresa

So, after a little vomiting, high temperatures and grumpy children, it was the rash that did it. Blood coloured 'freckles' on my son's face, and not disappearing when placed under drinking glass pressure was the prompt to call Nurse On Line and seek medical advice.

After a visit to the local Emergency department at a very late hour and more temperatures, the decision was made: We can't see anyone to share this sort of love.

Instead of visiting a friend for a play date this morning, we stayed home. Instead of enjoying comfort food at tonight's Food Club, we're staying home. Instead of heading out to lunch tomorrow, we're staying home.

It's not like I mind being at home all that time, it's just that with Darling Hubby away, it's nice to get out and about. Because weekends can be a little lonely without Daddy. And, well, it's easier if we have a plan. It gives the boys something to look forward to.

So, now that there's sick children that need to be cuddled and resting, the day's order and routine has gone out the window.

Television restrictions? Gone.

Dressed to impress? Gone.

Endless lounging about and doing nothing? Welcome home.

Now it's time to plan our days' events at home. Perhaps some DVDs, some baking, maybe a little cleaning...

On second thoughts, how about we go on the Non-Plan plan for the weekend?


That's what we'll do instead.


  1. Sounds like you are having one of those weeks!!! Hope everyone is making a speedy recovery and it was only a 24hour thing. But you are probably wise to keep those bugs to yourselves!

  2. Thanks for not sharing your germs with us today. I am so sad you couldn't come and play! We will reschedule...Best of luck for your weekend. I hope it goes well and that the kids sleep well and that they are happy to watch a lot of tv!

  3. Oh Kym, I am sorry to hear. We have quarantined our selves too but only with suspected or slight conjunctivitis. Hope things look up in your place soon. Love Bek


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